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Apply now and study Graduate Entry Medicine in September 2022

Our Graduate Entry Medicine (MB ChB) degree is open for applications from international students who hold an undergraduate degree. You can apply directly through the University of Chester.

If you do not have a degree or you are a home student, you are not currently eligible to apply. It is our aim to offer our Graduate Entry Medicine degree to home students at the earliest opportunity.

Chester Medical School is in the process of obtaining General Medical Council approval to deliver a 4-year Graduate Entry Medicine programme leading to the award of a MB ChB degree.  This will allow graduates to register with the GMC, and work and train in the UK or overseas.

One of the distictive features of our course is that we accept applicants with a previous degree in any discipline.  So, if you have a first degree in the arts, humanities or languages, you are eligible to apply. We welcome people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just science.

You will learn and train alongside internationally recognised scientists and clinicians in the North West of England.  We are planning to take our first International students in September 2022 and hope to open to UK students shortly afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your medical programme approved by the General Medical Council (GMC UK)?

We are in the process of applying for approval from the GMC for our graduate entry medicine programme.  We anticipate this will happen during 2021.  We will not be recruiting to this course until we have approval

When can I apply?

You will be able to apply as soon as we have approval from the GMC, which we anticipate will be in late 2021.  The first group of students should start with us in September 2022

Can I apply if I am a UK student?

The number of medical student places for UK students who pay UK fees and can access the UK student loans system is strictly capped by the UK Government.  Until we are allocated some of these places, our graduate entry medicine programme will primarily recruit full-fee paying students from overseas.  A small number of bursaries or scholarships may become available for UK students.  Please contact for further information.

Do I need do have done a science degree before applying?

No.  We take students who have a degree in a non-science subject.  Please look at our admissions criteria in the "Applying" section of our website.

What are the fees?

The fees for September 2022-3 will be around £40,000 per annum for each of the 4 years of the programme.  This will include the costs of all the clinical placements except the elective. 

What is your relationship with the University of Warwick medical school?

Warwick Medical School are acting as our contingency school.  We are using their curriculum under licence and they are providing educational support services to us as we establish our own programme.  The GMC requires all new medical schools to have an arrangement with an established UK medical school.  In the unlikely event that our own medical programme is unable to deliver the required standard of teaching, all students will transfer to Warwick and will complete their medical education under their supervision.

What accomodation options are available?

We have a range of accomodation available, from University-run Halls of Residence to accomodation in the private sector.