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CEFAW Policy Framework published

In November 2020 we launched the major project report 'The Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare: A Policy Framework for Churches and Christian Organizations'. You can download the Policy Framework, request a free copy, and find supporting resources such as a short animated video introducing the project on the Policy Framework page.

The CEFAW Project addresses an urgent issue that has profound effects on humans, animals, and the wider environment, and in which there is high public interest in the UK. At a time of progressive intensification in the rearing of farmed animals, high and rising public concern about farmed animal welfare, and uncertainty about UK farmed animal welfare standards post-Brexit, addressing the ethics of farmed animal welfare is of pressing public interest.

Churches and other Christian organizations in the UK have significant interests in and influence over the raising of farmed animals in the UK, through ownership of agricultural land, investments in food producers and retailers, participation in policy debates, and consumption of animal products, and will play an important role in public debates about farmed animal welfare.

CEFAW will produce the first substantive academic discussion of the Christian ethics of farmed animal welfare and will work with national churches and other organizational partners to develop and enable the implementation of a new policy framework concerning the raising of farmed animals and consumption of products derived from them.



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