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The CEFAW project has produced a range of resources including:

  • a short animated video providing an introduction to the project - use it to learn more or to share with friends or colleagues.
  • a Policy Framework for churches and Christian organisations - available to download or order for free.  
  • video recording of our Policy Framework launch in November 2020 - hear from researchers and partners
  • a series of webinars about the Christian ethics of farmed animal welfare - more in-depth discussions of aspects of the Framework, recordings below. 
  • an academic article in Animals journal, available for free here - theological and historical contexts of Christian advocacy for farmed animals    

We are currently working on future outputs including 

  • the first academic monograph on the Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare
  • a policy framework to inform the policy and practice of Christian organizations in relation to farmed animal welfare
  • further academic journal articles addressing farmed animal welfare in a Christian context

You can watch recordings of CEFAW webinars below, feel free to share this with friends and colleagues.

Webinar 1: Why Should Christians Care About Farmed Animal Welfare?

with Prof David Clough and Dr Margaret Adam


Webinar 2: How do Farmed Animals Flourish?

with Prof Siobhan Mullan and Dr David Grummett 


Webinar 3: What is the cost of Farmed Animal Welfare?

with Dr Paul Hurley, Prof Siobhan Mullan and Prof David Clough