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This project is a continuation of the research from my Masters dissertation (subverting the female condition and the controlling male gaze in the novels of Angela Carter). My research will investigate how Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood challenge Laura Mulvey's theoretical statement that the conditions of gender are fixed as the 'exhibitionism of women and the voyeurism of men'.

Mulvey’s essay on ‘Visual and Other Pleasures’ discusses the limitations of female perception, suggesting women can only become viewers through the controlling male gaze. This ultimately influences how women present themselves to conform to a male dominated culture, placing them as the passive object of the active male voyeur.

My research will disprove Mulvey's statement by using Atwood and Carter's representations of female perspective to prove that women can control the gaze independently and experience pleasure from objectifying the male form. My research will explore the similarities in how both writers construct their female protagonists as well as identify the differences in how they present the female gaze.

I intend to develop the theory of the female gaze by building on existing examples of criticism and drawing on visual representations of the female gaze in art and popular culture.