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David Clarke


David Clarke was born on December 17, 1897 to David and Clara Elizabeth Clarke of 914 Chester Road, in Stretford, Manchester. He was baptised on January 30, 1898 in St. Martin’s Church, Manchester.

Early Life

David had three younger sisters, Bessie, Clara and Lorna. Bessie died in childhood (aged three). David attended Manchester Central High School and was also a member of the Officer Training Corps at the University of Manchester.

Chester College

David attended Chester College and left in 1918.

Military Service

David joined the Cheshire Regiment 11th Battalion and quickly rose to 2nd Lieutenant.

Lest We Forget

In the early morning of March 21, 1918, the German Spring Offensive, 'Operation Michael' began, when German artillery launched the largest artillery bombardment of the war, swiftly followed by rapidly advancing shock troops, against the British Fifth Army, Third Army and units of the First Army stationed in and around St. Quentin. Over 3.5 million shells were launched along a 40-mile front covering 150 square miles onto an area held by the British Third and Fifth Armies. The Armies held out for as long as they could but faced with overwhelming numbers and broken communications the retreat was fractured.

It was on the following day, March 22, 1918, that 2nd Lieutenant David Clarke was killed in action. He was 20 years old.

Post Mortem

David is remembered on the Arras Memorial in Faubourg-D’Amiens. David was awarded the British War and Victory Medals for his service to King and Country.