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Standalone modules

The Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition also offers Postgraduate modules for Continuing Professional Development from the following programmes:

MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science

  • XN7515 Exercise and Health
  • XN7502 Physiology and Biochemistry of Metabolism
  • XN7509 Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • XN7514 Sports Nutrition
  • XN7508 Performance Enhancement
  • XN7501 Physiology and Physical Performance
  • XN7506 Science of Weight Control

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MSc Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation

  • XN7401 Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors
  • XN7402 Cardiovascular Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • XN7403 Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • XN7404 Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health
  • XN7414 Physical Activity and Exercise Programming- Run in Association with BACPR

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MSc Obesity and Weight Management

  • XN7201 Obesity Epidemic
  • XN7202 Causes and Assessment of Obesity
  • XN7204 Exercise and Weight Management
  • XN7203 Dietary Approaches to Weight Management
  • XN7213 Behaviour Change for Health

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MSc Public Health Nutrition

  • XN7055 Key Concepts of Nutrition
  • XN7064 Sociology and Psychology and public health
  • XN7062 Public Health Promotion and Policy
  • XN7068 Developing Healthier Communities

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