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The Centre offers a wide range of services which involve the application of hydrocolloids in food systems such as thickeners, gelling agents, stabiliser, bulking agents, and emulsifiers. The Centre’s broad research objective is to remove natural built in variability and enhance functionality of hydrocolloids.

Key areas of research expertise at the centre include:

  • Emulsification Technology
  • Molecular weight characterisation of hydrocolloids
  • Gelling properties of hydrocolloids
  • Texture and rheology
  • Formulation and processing

Services to the industry

  • Optimisation of formulation and processing 
  • Emulsion characterisation: droplet size measurement, pressure  homogenisation, storage and stability testing
  • Structure – function relationship of hydrocolloids
  • Comprehensive texture and rheological studies of food and hydrocolloids systems
  • Quality system, molecular weight measurements using GPC-MALLS and FFF-MALLS
  • Specific training to meet industry requirements

Further information please contact:

Professor Saphwan Al-Assaf
Director Hydrocolloids Research
University of Chester
Parkgate Road
CH1 4BJ   UK
Tel +44(0)1244 511540