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What is a Combined Degree? 

A Combined Honours Degree in the UK, sometimes referred to as joint honours, gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as part of one Bachelor’s degree.  For instance, you can study BSc Psychology or BSc Psychology AND Law, Spanish, Counselling, English or a range of other subjects in addition to Psychology.  You will spend a fairly even amount of time studying each subject area, with possible opportunities to declare a major – minor towards the end of your studies. 

Why study a Combined Degree?

  • You’re interested in more than just one subject and don’t want to choose just one
  • With knowledge and skills in multiple subject areas, you’ll be employable across a more diverse range of job opportunities
  • Keeps you interested, as you’ll be able to choose from a greater range of classes
  • Meet people with different interests and broaden your social network
  • More flexibility to the programme, as you’ll be able to either declare major – minor, study both equally, or even transfer to a single honours mid study