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COVID is now with us as a fact of life, much like other potentially serious viruses, such as flu. Thankfully, with vaccination it poses less of a threat, but only if we take personal responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe.

On Monday 21 February, the Prime Minister announced a longer-term view of 'living with COVID,' with the last remaining COVID-19 restrictions being removed gradually in England. At this time, we appreciate many people commute from Wales. If that applies to you, please keep updated on any changes announced by the Welsh Government, which may affect you, by checking here.

As all our sites are located in England, we continue to follow UK Government and local public health advice.

Safety on campus

Measures are in place to protect students, staff and visitors. In addition to those, we all have a role to play in respecting each other, accepting some people may remain concerned about COVID because of their own health for example. If we all behave in ways which help keep everyone safe and well, this will help ensure that you receive the experience you expect. Expected behaviours are:

Hands – wash / sanitise often and thoroughly.

  • Sanitiser will remain in University buildings for you to use in between washing.
  • The University also cleans facilities thoroughly.

Face – face coverings continue to be available free of charge across our sites for anyone that wishes to use one.

  • Please accept this as an individual decision and that people have the right to wear a covering even though no longer legally required.

Space – avoid crowding each other and where possible space out.

Ventilate - open windows and keep fresh air coming into rooms.

  • ​Wear warm clothing if necessary.


It is still important to be fully vaccinated (including having boosters.)


You no longer need to use lateral flow tests twice a week to study on campus if you are symptom free. Whilst free routine testing in England ends from April 1, some remaining kits are available at our reception and InfoPoint desks, should you wish to continue precautionary testing.

We are waiting to hear whether there will be specific testing guidance / requirements for students on professional health programmes, who need to be in clinical settings. Those students will receive a separate specific communication in due course.

If you are ill

If you have COVID symptoms:

Please also take a sensible approach if you have caught any other respiratory/contagious condition (bad cold/flu etc) and don't mix with other people. You can discuss any specific questions about being on site with your PAT (students) or line manager (staff) for example if you or your family have an underlying health condition.


Until April 1, anyone who tests positive for COVID is advised to stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least five days and continue to follow guidance until they have had two negative test results on two consecutive days, although this is no longer a legal requirement.

Thank you for your continued patience and commitment to ensuring our University remains a safe place to study, live and work.​