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The Centre for Research and Education in Psychological Trauma (CREPT) provides research opportunities, education, training and development, as well as workshops, continuing professional development, conferences, and employer engagement for anyone working in the field of psychological trauma.

I have experienced trauma on both sides – I understand where people who have been through traumatic experiences are coming from. This Centre is here for anyone who is faced with extreme situations in their lives, such as the police, social workers, medical staff and members of the military.Terry Waite


The Centre’s portfolio of education for academic credit includes:

Bespoke Training & Development

The Centre creates training in trauma related areas designed to meet the specific needs of clients. This may be delivered in the University or in-house and in a format most accessible to participants.

Continuing Professional Development

The Centre runs a range of training opportunities on trauma related subjects.  Some of the Centre’s previous areas have included: Trauma and Grief; First Response to Critical Incidents; Compassion Focused Therapy for Trauma; Supervising Trauma Therapists.

To find out more about the educational, research and training opportunities available through CREPT, please contact the Centre.

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