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Cameron Downing has a 1st class honours in Masters of Engineering in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Chester and is now studying as a PhD student researching in the area of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Optimising Control Systems for multi-vector local energy systems. In particular, he is researching their application to the Built Environment sector that may or may not be integrated with industrial local energy systems.

Cameron’s PhD study is funded by industrial partners and contributes to University of Chester’s Digital Energy and Control Systems (DECS) research Group.  The DECS group enables a pathway to impact for the research outcomes by integrating them in other collaborative research projects funded by EPSRC and industry partners such as EA Technology, URENCO, Arup NW, Lewisham, Eastbourne Borough Council, Glen Dimplex and many others. The DECS group has strong collaborative links with the University of Durham and Manchester.   Cameron’s project aims to develop new and innovative AI and optimization algorithms for control solutions tested and validated using the DECS’s group established built environment’s digital dynamic energy modelling methods IDEAS and iDEM. The aim of these advanced control solutions is to be able to create generalized methodologies that can be applied to work in a wide range/type of local energy systems utilizing multiple sources of energy clean energy supplies and energy storage solutions. This capability will assist the local energy systems to make the best use of energy locally using optimization criterion based on sustainability metrics, such as in use energy cost, carbon, primary energy, return on investment etc.  

The project is under the supervision of Professor John M Counsell and Dr Richard Stocker. Prof Counsell co-invented Demand Side Response (DSR) in the UK with the electric storage heating control system CELECT in 1995 and co-created dynamic modelling of the built environment methods IDEAS and iDEM for controller design and energy utilization. Dr Stocker provides expertise on Artificial Intelligence and computer implementation of advanced software BOT solutions.  Cameron is passionate about his research project enabling him to work with industrial and academic researchers. He is very grateful to have the opportunity to work with companies who share a similar interest and motivation to economically reduce carbon emissions, reduce wasted energy and improve building energy efficiency and thermal comfort in various new and incremental development innovative intelligent energy systems.


  • Visiting Lecturer in 3rd year Control Systems Engineering


  • DECS- Digital Energy and Control Systems
  • Novel Optimisers to improve efficiency when controllers are applied to real systems