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I’m PengHeng, currenting working on my third year of PhD on radio frequency area. Meanwhile, have substantial knowledge of material science and mechanical engineering.

With the studying at SiChuan University JinCheng college, I have gained significant knowledge and experience about mechanical design, CAD, and mechanical testing. Thanks Cranfield University to give me large accumulation about material analysis & characterisation.

Since 2019, I have been studying and researching at University of Chester for the PhD degree. During the period, I have gain knowledge about composite manufacturing, sensors, wireless communication, and printed circuit board. Learning new equipment such as inkjet printer. Meanwhile, the skill and experiment I have got contributing considerably to my research progress.


Currently assisting my supervisor to supervise an undergraduate student to finish final project.


Majority, the research topic is about wireless communication utilising inkjet printed patch antenna. Secondly, inkjet printed sensors and flexible circuit are also involved in the research progress.

Published work:

  1. A Numerical Feasibility Study of Kinetic Energy Harvesting from Lower Limb Prosthetics
  2. Effects of inkjet printed toughener on delamination suppression in drilling of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRPs)


  • Gain Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at SiChuan University JinCheng college
  • Acquire Master of Science at Cranfield University
  • Working on my PhD degree about radio frequency area at University of Chester