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Academic Quality and Standards (AQS) is responsible for managing the University's processes to assure the quality and standards of its academic provision.

This includes oversight of the following activities.

  • Approval, monitoring and review of programmes of study and those who deliver them, including the University's faculties and its partner institutions.
  • Periodic review of the University's academic support service departments.
  • Organisation of awards assessment boards, progression assessment boards and management of the external examiner system.
  • Management of the procedures for dealing with academic appeals and academic integrity.
  • Servicing of several University committees and of audits and working parties on different aspects of the University's work.
  • Preparation of the University for institutional-level external quality assessment and review.
  • Information about the University and its provision, including the production of Unistats data and Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • To promote and support the active involvement and engagement of students in a wide range of the university's quality assurance and enhancement and other academic related activities