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About Prof Cynthia Burek

Cynthia has published over 100 papers and given hundreds of talks and walks to society at all levels on geoconservation, how geodiversity underpins biodiversity, limestone pavements, women in science (especially in history of geology, but also raising public awareness), local geodiversity, soils and good science communication. She serves on several national committees to influence public policy on geoconservation.

My main interests are in habitat conservation, environmental issues, gender equality, rock miles, and sustainable development.

At present I am a research affiliate for the Institute of Gender Studies, and I am on the Athena Swann committee for the University. I was Deputy Director of the Centre for Science Communication and served on the University Health, Safety and Environment Committee putting Environment on a par with health and safety. I was chair of the Environmental Task Force for the University for 11 years. Nationally, I serve on the UKGAP (Geodiversity Action Plan) steering group, English Geodiversity Forum, Association of Welsh RIGS Executive as being former Chair of NE Wales Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites (RIGS). I am deputy chair of Cheshire RIGS and spearheaded the Heritage Lottery Fund 3-year project for the Saltscape landscape of Cheshire. I was also on the Stakeholders committee for the Irish Sea Conservation Zone, one of four marine areas set up by the government to designate marine conservation areas. Additionally, I am on the international steering group for limestone pavement habitat research and Director for the UNESCO recognised GeoMôn (Anglesey) Geopark with the portfolio for education. I am also on the steering group for the Geoconservation Wales/Cymru Forum. I also serve as Trustee for the Armoury Conservation Trust, (ACT) safeguarding stone buildings in Llangollen.

I am a trustee and Chair for the British Federation of Women Graduates Scholarship Fund and a trustee for the Funds for Women Graduates. I also serve on the assessment committee of Funds for Women Graduates. I am Chair/Convener of the Graduate Women International Fellowship committee awarding women across the world grants for the final year of their PhD. In the past I convened the International Federation of University Women Committee for the Award of International Fellowships for 6 years.

I also act as external advisor for other institutions both nationally and internationally. For 37 years I was an associate lecturer for the Open University in Wales and NW England within the Earth Science department and within the multidisciplinary environment and sustainable development areas.


I teach in the areas of conservation, science communication, wildlife ecology, soils and forensic biology. I specialise in marine and coastal geoconservation, soil conservation, environmental law and policy, history of geoconservation, LGAPS and environmental history. I teach ethics, gender equality and have a holistic approach to both environmental issues, conservation and multisensory teaching. I also teach on the Shrewsbury campus in the Institute of Medicine under current topics (1. Women in science, 2. science communication, 3. Climate change) and evolution and genetics (Palaeoecology, Mass extinctions).



My research interests are in geodiversity conservation, sustainable development, limestone pavement conservation, public understanding of how planning policy influences geodiversity and habitat conservation in general, Quaternary and past climate change, extinctions and all aspects of women in history of science. I also carry out research in geodiversity and implementation as well as in soil conservation. Thus my research interests support my broad interpretation of conservation especially geoconservation, environmental issues and the importance of geodiversity underpinning biodiversity.

I have three PhD students specialising in mass extinctions (a very recent successful completion), limestone pavement microclimates and women in science in Afghanistan. I also supervise Masters research on Lanzarote geo and bio conservation.


Professor Cynthia Burek - Research Project

Cynthia with Julia Bradbury 2011 at Malham Cove Limestone pavement

   Professor Cynthia Burek - Research Project

 With UNESCO assessors in Anglesey Geopark


Professor Cynthia Burek - Research Project 

Science communication in Ruthin, North Wales

   Professor Cynthia Burek - Research Project

 With UNESCO assessors in Anglesey Geopark



Cynthia representing UK female graduates at the International Conference of Graduate Women International,Cape Town, South Africa, 2016



Published Work

I have published over 100 articles, chapter and books. I publish in 4 main areas:

  • Geoconservation & Geodiversity
  • History of science & Quaternary Geology
  • Gender studies Especially Women in science
  • Pedagogy and education

Here is a sample of my publication record:

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