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I currently teach Cell Biology and Biochemistry at level 4 for a range of undergraduate degree courses. At level 5 I am involved in the teaching of Biology of Animal disease, Research Methods and Microbiology for Animal Sciences. Additionally, I give a number of toxicology lectures at level 6 for Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Forensic Pathology students. I also spend time supervising students and I am involved in laboratory based dissertation projects for final year students.


My main research interest is focused on the development and application of novel in vitro 3D models for toxicological investigations in parallel with in silico modelling and optimization. My work aims to bridge the complexity gap between classic 2D cellular platforms and more complex 3D and bioreactor systems in order to provide sufficient toxicological information for early decision making during the research of novel xenobiotics.
My other research interests include the evaluation of regulatory OECD guidelines and the establishment of novel modelling approaches for developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART). I am currently collaboratively working with colleagues from Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Liverpool and Syngenta Ltd. to this end.

Published Work

Kyffin, J.A., et al., Impact of cell types and culture methods on the functionality of in vitro liver systems – A review of cell systems for hepatotoxicity assessment. Toxicology in Vitro, 2018. 48C: p. 262-275.

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Establishing species-specific 3D liver microtissues for repeat-dose toxicology and advancing in vitroto in vivo translation through computational modelling. Poster abstract presentation IVTS 2015, J. A. Kyffin.


  • BSc - Biological Sciences (Lancaster University)
  • PhD - Toxicology and Applied Mathematics (Liverpool John Moores University)