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About Laurence Goosey

He studied Zoology with Conservation at Bangor University where he worked with local conservation groups to survey native reptiles and amphibians. Following his degree Laurence worked with the reptile team at Chester Zoo for 18 months and as a seasonal field surveyor for Thompson Ecology. Laurence has also previously worked in researched groups within the Medical Research Council and the University of Manchester. He has supported groups with varied interests, from the diagnosis and understanding of Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome, to the function and health implications of circadian rhythms. His work centred on laboratory techniques, primarily DNA and RNA work such as cell culture, genotyping, qPCR, data collation and analysis.

He joined the Chester Biological Sciences technical team in February 2022. He provides technical support and demonstrates across most programmes within the department, with a focus on Comparative Anatomy, Data Handling, Foundation Week, Genetics and Evolution, Microbiology for Animal Sciences and Research Methods. He also works in the Chester University animal rooms.