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About Michal Zatrak

I am a technician/demonstrator for the department of Biological Sciences. In my role, I provide practical and technical support for animal modules that include anatomical dissections, live animal observations, research project design, statistics and various laboratory techniques.


Mike standing in zoo with sea lion

I completed a BSc in Marine Zoology at Bangor University, where I studied the metabolic responses of shore crabs to reduced salinity and progressive hypoxia. Following that, I went on to do an MSc in Zoo Conservation Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University where I focused on determining the effects of supplementary carotenoids on the growth rate and colouration of green and black poison dart frogs and I am now carrying out a PhD focusing on developing health and welfare assessment tools for harbour and grey seals.


Mike holding a turtle in small pool

I have worked with a variety of wildlife, ranging from penguins to chimpanzees at the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Manchester SeaLife Aquarium. I also worked at a sea turtle rehabilitation centre in Australia, where I helped rehabilitate injured turtles and carried out reef monitoring surveys. I then worked in an endocrinology lab at Chester Zoo where I monitored the hormones of their elephants, rhinos and other animals and carried out a research project looking at the effects of time and environmental conditions on the concentrations of progesterone metabolites in the faecal samples of African wild dogs.


Mike diving in sea among sharks