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About Rebecca Turner

I am IOSHH trained and have a good working knowledge of health and safety both in the laboratory and on fieldwork.

Previous Experience

I worked as a senior research technician in the Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool for almost 13 years. The most recent project that I have worked on was investigating immunodynamics and infectious disease in a wild field vole population on which I managed and led a group of technical and research staff and students. I managed both the laboratory and fieldwork sides of the project.

Previous roles at Liverpool included senior research technician on a project investigating parasite co-infection in a wild wood mouse population. Research technician on a project investigating the production of omega-3 acids by the marine protist Schizochytrium mangrovei. Research technician on a project investigating Strongyloides ratti nematode infection and immune responses in rats, and the trade-offs between survivorship and fecundity.

I have an MPhil in Immunoepidemiology of Strongyloides ratti Infection from The University of Liverpool.