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Studying for a Business degree has never been more exciting. The world of Business is now delivered on a global scale dominated by the international integration of markets and economies. The programmes on offer in our department are designed to equip you for a career in business. Whether you want to develop your understanding of the way business works, focus on leadership and management skills or become an expert in finance, our programmes will help you to succeed in your chosen field.

Our Business Management and International Business Management programmes enable you to evaluate and understand the changes that the business world is going through and allow you to develop high-level leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills.

Our Accounting and Finance and Business Finance programmes prepare you for a career in the financial world, with assessments that reflect those used in the profession, and close links with many of the UK professional accounting bodies.

All of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses allow you to study and explore business issues in-depth and in context, and equip you with the skills to succeed in organisations where challenges and opportunities are constantly evolving.

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