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About Sally Harding

What areas of service should I ask you about?

The Employer Engagement Team, of which I am the Manager of, are responsible for:

  • ASK - a series of subject themed, employer Q&A panel sessions embedded into academic departments
  • Careers Fest - our annual careers fair which provides opportunities for employers and agencies to reach our students/graduates
  • Internships - providing students/graduates with paid internship opportunities (minimum £9 per hour) and the chance to gain graduate level experience working in local organisations.
  • The Venture Programme - an award-winning programme designed to give students/graduates the skills, knowledge, confidence and connections to start up a business, become self-employed or build their freelance career
  • UniJob - providing opportunities for students to work part-time on campus, or virtually, for the University
  • Vacancies - we advertise part-time work, paid internships and graduate roles on behalf of employers through our online portal CareerHub.

What piece of advice would you give to a Level 6 student about to graduate?

While it may seem strange to think about moving on after University and entering employment, my advice would be to do everything possible to make yourself stand out from the crowd in order to create a positive impression with potential employers.  Your first job will probably not be your last, and does not have to determine the rest of your career, but use every opportunity open to you to help to ensure you get the job that you want.

What piece of advice would you give to a Level 4 student just starting University?

Easy…make the most of every opportunity available to you!  Throw yourself into your studies, and your social life, with energy and enthusiasm, work hard and play hard!  Be prepared and organised, take nothing for granted, make the most of the help and resources available to you and most importantly enjoy it!

What motivates you in your work?

Without sounding to clichéd, I am motivated by the work that I do, by the team in which I work and by the colleagues that I work with.  I am motivated by working alongside colleagues who are like-minded in their approach, who care implicitly about what they do, where opinions and contributions are valued and where there is flexibility to innovate and improve initiatives and areas of responsibility.

How do you relax when not at work?

If and when I get time to relax (is this possible with two twelve-year-old children?), I let off steam by managing a local, ladies netball team and by playing competitive netball which I thoroughly enjoy.  I am also passionate about foreign travel; theatre and I enjoy socialising with friends.

What is your biggest career achievement?

Achieving a first-class honours degree in Work Based and Integrative Studies (Marketing and Management), whilst working full time, planning my wedding and having twins.

With which academic departments do you work?

My role requires me to create and maintain relationships with a wide variety of the department’s stakeholders, including academic staff, employers, University managers, students and graduates. I am required to have strategic and operational oversight of the employment opportunities process, from building relationships with academic departments and employers to the generation of a wide range of employment opportunities and vacancies, as well as the development of students’ employability through entrepreneurship, self-employment and freelance routes.