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Heather is the Coordinator for the PETRA: prevention of non-communicable diseases using trade agreements Network.

The PETRA Network is hosted by the Centre for Ageing and Mental Health at the University of Chester. It was established as a UK Prevention Research Partnership network in September 2019 to run for an initial three-year period. This interdisciplinary network aims to bring together the trade and health communities to consider how trade and trade and investment agreements can help tackle the major social, health and economic challenges that are the determinants of non-communicable diseases. Further details and PETRA’s publications are available at:

Published Work

Lodge H, Hunter DJ, Lincoln P. (2020) Between Covid-19, Brexit, and new trade deals, a non-communicable disease storm is brewing BMJ Opinion 20 November

Smith R, Hunter DJ, Kingston P, Lodge H. (2020) COVID-19: the UK’s economy must be driven by health and environmental protection. BMJ Opinion 2 July 2020

Lodge H, Lincoln P, Hunter DJ (2020) The responsibility of tomorrow: investing in the protection and improvement of the public’s health and wellbeing post-COVID-19 [Briefing paper] Chester: PETRA: trade and health network

Lodge H. (2019) The UK public health system: fit for purpose, fit for the future The Edinburgh seminar, October 2017. Perspectives in Public Health 139(4):177-178


MSc (information systems), MCLIP, B.Lib(Hons)