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About Dr Monica Leslie

My academic journey began in my hometown of Perth, Australia, where I completed my first degree in Psychology at the University of Western Australia. In Australia, our Honours qualification is delivered as a separate 4th year of study, which was my first real foray into independent research.

As it happened, my Honours supervisor in Australia had an ongoing collaboration with several researchers in the UK, which helped to pave the way for me to move to the UK in 2016 to complete my PhD as an international student at King’s College London.

My PhD then opened up a range of career options, which enabled me to stay in the UK and ultimately join the University of Chester as a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in 2020. Each new stage of my academic journey has opened my eyes to opportunities I never imagined when I first started university, and I feel very lucky to get to work on research and teach the subjects I love every day.


Monica contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the School.


Monica is an active researcher with extensive experience in clinical trials and cognitive neuroscience research. Monica’s research aims to improving wellbeing in populations with co-occurring physical and mental health concerns.

Monica is currently the senior researcher for the Finding My Way UK project, which is an adaptation and replication trial of online cognitive-behavioural therapy for cancer survivors in the UK.

Published Work

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Monica is a Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Monica completed a BSc(Hons) in Psychology at the University of Western Australia. She was awarded a PhD in Psychological Medicine Research by King’s College London for her research investigating the influence of intranasal oxytocin on eating behaviours and stress in women with eating disorders.