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About Dr Lisa Rowe

Lisa is currently the programme leader for the DBA and DProf and supervises students on both pathways as well as the MBA. She is also the link tutor for the PgCert Coaching Supervision and PgCert Coaching Practice. She is experienced in the development and provision of accredited executive education, work-based postgraduate programmes and partnerships, leading the design, development and growth of a range of academic enterprise including executive, work based and lifelong learning education, recognition of prior learning and dual accreditation of programmes to meet the varied and complex needs of individuals and their organisations across a range of sectors.

Lisa's research interests recognise the requirement for rapidly changing HE programmes to meet the needs of the contemporary workplace and include work integrated and vocational education, co-created and employer led curricula, agile leadership, widening participation, resilience and lifelong learning. Currently, her supervisory research themes include: thriving at work in hybrid contexts, organisational resilience, uncertainty and macro level government policies; organisational ambidexterity in UK training organisations; coaching for well-being and engagement in contemporary corporate work environments; the transference of skills from leisure to the workplace through informal experiential learning and international student well-being.  

Lisa has acted as external adviser for a number of apprenticeship programmes at: University of Hertfordshire, Aston University, Solent University, Leeds Business School, Birkbeck University of London, Teeside University, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), University of Huddersfield, Staffordshire University, Anglia Ruskin University and Portsmouth University. She is an External Examiner for the Open University and regularly reviews submissions to the Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning Journal. She is currently guest editing a Special Issue for the Journal of Work-Applied Management.

She is a judge for the Cheshire Business Awards and the Cheshire High Sheriff’s Awards, a member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ Degree Apprenticeship Working Group and the British Academy of Management.


Outstanding Reviewer Literati Awards (2020) Emerald Publishing Higher Education SWBL

Educate North (2019) Business Collaboration & Partnerships Award  

Times Higher Education Shortlist (2019) Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development Award

Universities Association for Lifelong Learning Runner up (2019) Lifelong Learning and Innovation Award 

University of Chester (2018) Learning & Teaching Excellence Team Award 

Educate North (2017) Employer Engagement Award 



  • Research Supervision (L7 & L8 - Phd/DProf/DBA/MBA)
  • Enterprise and Innovation (L7)
  • Marketing across Boundaries (Level 7)
  • Organisational Environment (Level 4 & 7)


Lisa's academic research interests focus upon flexible learning and skills development, work-based and vocational curriculum development, evidence-based models of professional competence, higher and degree apprenticeships and resilience behaviours, resources and risks for students and part time learners.

Published Work

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Moss, D., & Rowe, L. (2015) Mastering Postgraduate Study for the 21st Century: Tripartite Perspectives and Benefits, presented at the Chartered Association of Business Schools Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Conference, April 2015.




Professional Body Membership

·       British Academy of Management

·       Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

·       Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)