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About Dr Mark Mc Auley

I completed my undergraduate degree in biochemical sciences at the University of Ulster in 2000 and a Master’s degree in computing at the same institute in 2001. I was then employed as a Research Assistant in Nutritional Biochemistry for the Northern Ireland centre for Diet and Health at the University of Ulster, before being awarded a doctoral scholarship in 2003 by Unilever PLC and the Medical School, Newcastle University. I completed my PhD entitled Systems Modelling of Human Ageing under the tutelage of Professor Tom Kirkwood, CBE, an internationally acclaimed ageing researcher and Professor Darren Wilkinson an internationally renowned researcher in statistics.

My undergraduate teaching centres on applied biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology and bioinformatics. My undergraduate research projects give students the opportunity to explore these areas in greater depth.


SE4008 Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
SE5015 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for Disease and Nutrition
SE7014 Pharmaceuticals and Food Technology


Mark uses computational modelling to help improve our understanding of complex biochemical pathways. His research centres primarily on the ageing process. Specifically he focuses on building computational models of cholesterol metabolism and folate metabolism. The models are used to examine the impact ageing has on their regulation and how diet can be used to alleviate the health issues associated with their age associated dysregulation.

Published Work

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BSc, MSc, PhD.