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About Dr Mayo Osundeko

Mayo started his academic journey at the Federal University of Technology Akure where he obtained first class honours in Biochemistry. He is a recipient of Chevening Scholarship at the University of Nottingham where he studied master in environmental science. He worked briefly for Siemens before securing a BBSRC funding for his PhD studies in Biotechnology at the University of Manchester. He undertook postdoctoral research work at the University of Manchester and Jacob University Germany. He was nominated by Elsevier in conjunction with UK/US Fulbright Commission for the UK Young researcher award 2013 in environmental sciences category for his outstanding contribution to science and the scientific literature. His peer reviewed publications have been well cited by peers.

Published Work

1.            Jichang han, Laurenz  Thomsen, Kehou Pan, Claudia Thomsen, Olumayowa  Osundeko (2018). Two-step process: an enhanced strategy of wastewater treatment by microalgae. Bioresource Technology (submitted).

2.            Olumayowa Osundeko, Dean Andrew, Helena Davies, Jon K. Pittman (2014). Acclimation of microalgae to wastewater environments involves increased oxidative stress tolerance activity. Plant and Cell Physiology journal, 55(10): 1848–1857.

3.            Olumayowa Osundeko and Jon Pittman (2014). Implications of sludge liquor addition for wastewater-based open pond cultivation of microalgae for biofuel generation and pollutant remediation. Bioresource Technology. Volume 152, Pages 355–363.

4.            Olumayowa Osundeko, Amit. K. Bajhaiya, Jon K. Pittman, M. R. Suseela (2014). Promises and challenges of growing microalgae in wastewater for biofuel production. (In Press. A book chapter in Biotechnological Applications for Environmental Protection; published in Springer)

5.            Olumayowa Osundeko, Helena Davies, Jon K. Pittman (2013). Oxidative stress-tolerant microalgae strains are highly efficient for biofuel feedstock production on wastewater. Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 56, September 2013, Pages 284-294

6.            Pittman Jon, K., Dean Andrew, P. and Osundeko, O. (2011). The potential of sustainable algal biofuel production using wastewater resources. Bioresource Technology, 101: 17-25.



•             B.Tech (Federal University of Technology Akure)

•             M.Sc Environmental Sciences (University of Nottingham);

•             Ph.D Biotechnology (University of Manchester)

Professional Membership

•             Member – Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

•             Algae Biomass Organisation – Member