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About Dr Yousef Faraj

After completion of his PhD, Yousef remained at the University of Leeds/Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, where he worked for over six years and co-managed On-Line Instrumentation Laboratory (OLIL) in the same institute. As an active member of the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, he developed an Electrical Resistance Tomography-based strategy for slurry flow characterisation, a novel technique for solid-liquid and particulate flow measurement and visualisation, along with a novel platform for two-phase flow regime recognition (gas-liquid and solid-liquid).

Yousef has been closely working with a number of national and international industrial collaborators and academic institutions such as ECF Technologies Ltd., National Equipment Laboratory (TUV NEL-Glasgow), Schlumberger Gould Research (SGR-Cambridge), Industrial Tomography Systems Ltd. (ITS-Manchester), Shell Global Solutions International, Cranfield University, University of Cambridge, University of Huddersfield and Southwest Petroleum University (Chengdu-China), on various collaborative projects such as European Multiphase Flow Metrology in the Oil and Gas Sector (EMRP-a Joint Research Project-consortium comprised of seven industries and two academic institutions), Visualisation and Metering of Multi-phase Flow (VMMF) and Two/Three Phase Flow Visualisation and Metering Methods and Devices (FVMMD).

Later an interest in smart functional materials was sparked. Yousef became highly fascinated by the intelligence and the ability of many materials to sense their surroundings and respond accordingly. In 2017, he joined the School of Chemical Engineering at Sichuan University (China) as an Associate Professor, started working on Smart Functional Materials, particularly stimuli-responsive materials, and led several funded projects.

During his time in China, Yousef also joined the School of Materials Engineering at Sichuan University-Pittsburg Institute as a Visiting Associate Professor, as well as being involved in a number of multiphase flow related collaborative research projects with Chinese academic institutions such as Hebei University. He then joined the team at the University of Chester as a Senior Lecturer in 2020.


Separation Processes – Level 5

Process Design Principles– Level 6

Design Project – Level 6


Yousef’s research is in the areas of chemical, process and materials engineering, in particular, multiphase flow characterisation, industrial process tomography, development of measurement techniques, as well as development of smart functional materials.

His current research interests include:

  • Multiphase Flows and Processes: The research here focuses on both experimental and theoretical modelling work to enable understanding and prediction of a wide range of industrially relevant 2-and 3-phase flow situations such as gas-liquid, solid-liquid, liquid-liquid and gas-liquid-liquid, which are commonly encountered in the petroleum industry, the chemical industry, wastewater treatment, nuclear plants, mining and hydraulic conveying. The fundamental issues addressed here include the dynamics of particles in the carrier phase, phase interaction, interface phenomena and the effects of process parameters on the nature of multiphase and multicomponent systems.
  • Multiphase Flow Measurement Techniques and Sensors: The development of reliable, on-line, real-time measurement techniques and multiphase flow metering systems are another focus, which is vital in industrial practice for monitoring and optimisation of a range of industrial processes, as well as for validating the developed modelling tools.
  • Smart Functional Materials: The main focus here is on the design, synthesis, characterisation and application of smart materials and devices. We aim at rational integration of organic (polymeric) and inorganic materials to realise smart functional materials with unique properties for multifarious applications. The emphasis is placed upon integration of stimuli-responsive materials, which are able to change their shape, chemical or physical properties in real time in response to external stimuli such as temperature, pH, electric or magnetic field and chemicals. We actively explore emerging technological applications of these smart functional materials in areas such as selective detection and sensing, capture and separation.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities:

We welcome enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants, who are interested in MRes and PhD study, from all around the world

Published Work

Selected Publications
The following are selected publications.  For the full list of Yousef’s published scientific articles, please visit his profile on Google Scholar or Research Gate.

Five most recent selected publications

  • Wei K., Faraj Y., Yao G., Xie R., Lai B., 2021. Strategies for improving perovskite photocatalysts reactivity for organic pollutants degradation: A review on recent progress. Chemical Engineering Journal, 414:128783.
  • Fang L., Han B., Lv X., Faraj Y., Wei Z., Li X., 2021. Structural optimization and characteristics of a novel single-ended pressure vessel with inside and outside tubes, Measurement, 186:109711.
  • Fang L., Liu Y., Wang S., Zhao J., Faraj Y., Tian M., Wei Z., 2021. Dual-modality UDV-PIV system for measurement of solid-liquid flow in sewage facilities, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 82:102063.
  • Ding S. Y., Faraj Y., Wei J., Wang W., Xie R., Liu Z., Ju X. J., Chu L. Y., 2020. Antimicrobial peptide-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for rapid capture and removal of pathogenic bacteria, Microchemical Journal, 159:105493.
  • Zhao Q., Faraj Y., Liu L.Y., Wang W., Xie R., Liu Z., Ju X.J., Wei J., Chu L.Y., 2020. Simultaneous determination of dopamine, uric acid and estriol in maternal urine samples based on the synergetic effect of reduced graphene oxide, silver nanowires and silver nanoparticles in their ternary 3D nanocomposite. Microchemical Journal, 158:105185.

Other Selected Publications

  • Fang L., Zeng Q., Wnag F., Faraj Y., Zhao Y., Wei Z., Lang Y., Weil Z., 2020. Identification of two-phase flow regime using ultrasonic phased array. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 72:101726.
  • Liu W.Y., Ju X.J., Faraj Y., He F., Peng H.Y., Liu Y.Q., Liu Z., Wang W., Xie R., Chu L.Y., 2020. Capsule membranes encapsulated with smart nanogels for facile detection of trace lead(II) ions in water. Journal of Membrane Science, 613:118523.
  • Fang L., Wang S., Li S., Faraj Y., Tian J., Li X., 2020. Phase Content and Flow Measurement of Bubble Flow Based on New Experimental Pipeline. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation,13(2): 469-478.
  • Fang L., Zeng Q., Faraj Y., Zhao N., Wei Z., Li X., 2019. Analysis of Chaos Characteristics of Gas-liquid Two-phase Flow Noise. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 65: 98-109.  
  • Zhang L.P., Liu Z., Faraj Y., Zhao Y., Zhuang R., Xie R., Ju X.J., Wang W., Chu L.Y., 2019. High-flux efficient catalytic membranes incorporated with iron-based Fenton-like catalysts for degradation of organic pollutants. Journal of Membrane Science, 573: 493-503.
  • Cai Q.W., Ju X.J., Chen C., Faraj Y., Jia Z.H., Hu J.Q., Xie R., Wang W., Liu Z., Chu L.Y., 2019. Fabrication and flow characteristics of monodisperse bullet-shaped microparticles with controllable structures. Chemical Engineering Journal, 370: 925-937.
  • Liu Z., Faraj Y., Ju X.J., Wang W., Xie R., Chu L.Y., 2018. Nanocomposite Smart Hydrogels with Improved Responsiveness and Mechanical Properties: A Mini Review. Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics, 56(19): 1306-1313.
  • Faraj Y., Wang M., Jia J., Wang Q., Xie C., Oddie G., Primrose K. Qui C., 2015. Measurement of Vertical Oil-in-water Two-phase Flow Using Dual-modality ERT/EMF System. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 46(Part B): 255-261.
  • Faraj Y., Wang M., Jia J., 2015. Automated horizontal slurry flow regime recognition using statistical analysis of the ERT signal. Procedia Engineering, 102: 821-830.
  • Wang M., Jia J., Faraj Y., Wang Q., Xie C., Oddie G., Primrose K., Qui C., 2015. A new visualization and measurement technology for water continuous multiphase Flows. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 46(Part B): 204-212.

Selected Conference Publications

  • Rashed S., Faraj Y., Wang M., Wilkinson S. J., 2021. Measurement of three-phase oil-gas-water flow using ERT-based multi-modality sensor and drift flux model. 10th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (WCIPT10), Global Virtual.
  • Liu L., Liu Z., Hanyu P., Zhao Q., Ju X., Faraj Y., Wang W., Xie R., Chu L.Y., 2019. Reduced Graphene-oxide modified, sponge-compositing phase change materials for fast solar-thermal conversion and and energy storage. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society (vol.257). 1155 16th St, NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA: AMER CHEMICAL SOC.
  • Karki B., Faraj Y., Wang M., 2016. Electrical Conductivity Based Flow Regime Recognition of Two phase Flows in Horizontal Pipeline. 8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (WCIPT8), Iguassu Falls, Brazil.
  • Jia J., Wang M., Faraj Y., 2013. EIT Measurement of Full Void Fraction Range in Two-phase Flow. The 8th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows, Guangzhou, China.
  • Faraj Y., Wang M., 2011. Slurry flow regime and velocity profile visualisation in horizontal pipeline using Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT). The 8th Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualisation and Image Processing (PSFVIP-8), Moscow, Russia.
  • Faraj Y., Wang M., 2012. ERT investigation on horizontal and vertical counter-gravity slurry flow in pipelines. 20th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Faraj Y., Wang M., Jia J., 2014. Automated horizontal slurry flow regime recognition using statistical analysis of the ERT signal. 7th World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT7), Beijing, China.
  • Wang Q., Karki B., Faraj Y., Wang M., 2015. Improving Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Electrical Impedance Tomogram (EIT) by Partial Imaging with Limited Measurements (PILM). 7th International Symposium on Process Tomography (ISPT7), Dresden, Germany.


  • Wang M., Jia J., Faraj Y., and Wang Q., 2015. Tomography apparatus, multiphase flow monitoring system, and corresponding methods, PCT/GB2015/052672, US20170261357A1, EP3194085A1, CN107110677A, GB201416287D0.


  • BEng University of Tikrit – Chemical Engineering
  • MSc University of Leeds – Chemical Engineering
  • PhD University of Leeds – Multiphase Flow Measurement & Characterisation
  • M-credit University of Leeds Teaching Award (ULTA)
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Qualified External Examiner – University of Liverpool & Advance HE
  • Member of International Society for Industrial Process Tomography (ISIPT)
  • Member of State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering (SKLPME, China)