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About Dr Ann Hindley

Senior lecturer in Tourism, Events and Marketing within Chester Business School. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Member of the Tourism Society and Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.

I gained my PhD from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2014. My research, using projective techniques, focuses on the complex and interrelated influences affecting tourists’ decisions to visit destinations that are disappearing because of climate change.

Previously I have delivered tourism, marketing and business lectures on degree courses from the University of Brighton, University of Surrey, Bournemouth University, University of Plymouth and Kingston University. I have also delivered lectures on professional courses from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Modules delivered range from Sustainable Tourism, Destination Management and Tour Operations to Marketing Essentials, Stakeholder Marketing and International Marketing. I have also supervised undergraduate dissertations and management research reports.


In September 2017, Dr. Ann Hindley was awarded The Environment and Climate Change Impact Award sponsored by the Global Centre for Work Applied Learning (GCWAL), which recognised work on the project and paper output of “A unifying, boundary-crossing approach to developing climate literacy”.

In September 2016, the Global Centre for Work Applied Learning (GCWAL) International Impact Prize was awarded to Dr. Ann Hindley and Dr. Maeve Marmion, which recognised work in ‘Exploring the benefits of tourism experiences for seniors’. Dr. Ann Hindley received a gift of free registration and a contribution of £1,000 towards attendance at the Learning for Change & Innovation World Congress, in Adelaide, from 7-9 November 2016.


I deliver lectures, seminars and provide research supervision at Queen’s Park Campus and Parkgate Campus. Modules include:

  • Understanding International Tourism
  • Managing Service Experiences
  • Events Tourism
  • Tourism Futures
  • Tourism in Global Society
  • Marketing Principles
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research in Context
  • Dissertation
  • Work-Based Learning (and supervision)
  • Supervision for Level 6 and 7 dissertations

I have also previously delivered the following modules:

  • Destination Planning and Management
  • Sustainable Tourism in Practice
  • Researching the Visitor Economy
  • Sports and Cultural Events
  • Marketing Planning in Action
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Strategic Management for Tourism and Events
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Developing Professional Practice


My research interests include responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, climate change, ethics, consumer behaviour and the area of tourism, health and ageing.

Conference Presentations:

Wall, T. and Hindley, A. (March, 2017) “A unifying, boundary-crossing approach to developing climate literacy”, Symposium on Implementing Sustainability in the Curriculum Of Universities: Teaching Approaches, Methods, Examples and Case Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University

Hindley, A. (November, 2016) “Exploring the benefits of tourism experiences for seniors”, GCWAL Learning for Change and Innovation World Congress, Adelaide, Australia.

Hindley, A. (September, 2016) “Exploring the benefits of tourism experiences for seniors”, Faculty of Business and Management ‘Inspiring Impact’ Research Conference, University of Chester.

Hindley, A., Wall, T., Peach, J. (September, 2016) “The connected and collective in and for student resilience - Embedding sustainable thinking into the student experience through Work Based Learning”, Staff Conference, University of Chester.

Hindley, A. (May, 2016) “Conscience consumption and destination extinction: A changing climate for tourism?” BAM Marketing and Retail SIG Event Sustainability and Ethical Consumption, University of Surrey.

Hindley, A. (October, 2013) “Values, Knowledge, Beliefs, Motivations and Ethics in Tourist Perceptions of Climate Change”, Responsible Tourism Destinations 7, Barcelona.

Hindley, A. (April, 2012) Working title: “Doomsday tourism: is it all doom and gloom?” Tourism, Marketing and Management Doctoral Symposium, University of Exeter.

Published Work

Hindley, A. & Wall, T. (2018 – in press) Markets, Festivals and Shows: Sustainable Approaches to Gastronomic Tourism Through Collaboration. In Saurabh Kumar Dixit (Ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Gastronomic Tourism. Abingdon, Oxford, United Kingdom: Routledge.

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Hindley, A., & Font, X. (2017). Ethics and influences in tourist perceptions of climate change. Current Issues in Tourism, 20(16), 1684-1700.

Font, X., & Hindley, A. (2017). Understanding tourists’ reactance to the threat of a loss of freedom to travel due to climate change: a new alternative approach to encouraging nuanced behavioural change. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 25(1), 26-42.


PhD in Responsible Tourism, Leeds Metropolitan University, 2014

MBA (Distinction), University of Wales 2007

PG Dip Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2010

PG Cert in Higher Education, University of Greenwich, 2009