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College Tutor for Royal College of Physicians of London.

Responsible for Postgraduate Teaching and training activities in the Department of Medicine.

Currently involved in PACES teaching and organising PACES examinations twice a year in Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

MRCP, PACES Examiner  UK  and International

Member of PACES Station 5 Vetting Committee

Was honorary clinical lecturer and  lead  for  Geriatrics module (Cardiff university) in Wrexham Maelor Hospital


1. Currently Principle Investigator for International Research Trial ASCRIBED: The impact of Acute SystematiC inflammation upon cerebRospinal fluId and blood BiomarkErs of brain inflammation and injury in Dementia: a study in acute hip fracture patients

2. Was principal investigator in Research project at Sunderland Royal Hospital. We also received grant from British Geriatrics Society.

Significance of pulmonary hypertension in subjects investigated with transthoracic echocardiography for suspected heart failure   (SOPHIE)

Joint project of Geriatrics and Cardiology department. ( 2005-2007)

3. I have successfully completed research on Acute Myocardial Infarction –An Echocardiographic   Assessment “during my MD. After successful completion of this research I was awarded MD degree. This was an assessment of cardiac function in patients, who presented with Acute myocardial Infarction (diagnosed either clinically or by ECG) and ECHO was done on all of them within 24hrs and results were analysed (1994-1997)

4. Completed research ‘Significance of Visual-spatial impairment  in Fallers’ Presented in international falls conference 2011

5. Was involved in research project ‘Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessment: Taken the patient in to the Team.’ Joint project Care of the elderly and Acute Medicine. (Wrexham Maelor Hospital)

Published Work

Three chapters for Oxford text book of Anaesthesia for older person:

Aging at system level: Neurological
Neurological disorders in the Elderly
Basic Science: aging at cellular Level


Wii can rehabilitate has been published in  Geriatric Medicine(GM)(volume 41no 4, April2011

BPPV and Falls in Older people Published in Geriatrics Medicine(GM) Volume 44 April 2014

Abstracts and presentation in  National Meetings

1. ‘BPPV and falls in Older people’ has been selected for presentation in International falls conference in Manchester 2014

2. ‘Visuospatial assessment in Falls clinic’ selected for presentation in International Falls Conference  held in Manchester Sep 2011

3. Cost effectiveness of Tilt table test selected for Platform presentation in British Geriatrics Society Welsh Branch( spring meet 2010)

4. Overview of Hypertension in the Elderly ABPM audit (welsh BGS)

5. Abstract ‘ Can you spot a Bed blocker in 5 minutes’ has been selected for Poster presentation National BGS 2009(Autumn)

6. Abstract   “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Patients attending Open Access Echocardiography for Suspected Heart Failure”  was  selected for presentation in National  BGS spring meeting.

7. Abstract ‘Vision and hearing impairment in older people : Are older people aware of their rights?  Was selected for platform   presentation in the annual conference of  Canadian Geriatrics Society (2007 April)

8,Platform presentation of  audit project in Northern BGS on 10th March 2006, ‘Vision and hearing impairment in older people : Are older people aware of their rights?

9, Platform presentation  in Northern BGS on 02nd  March 2007 “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Patients attending Open Access Echocardiography for Suspected Heart Failure

10. “Amphotericin B. Is it treatment of choice in Visceral Leishmaniosis?” in the annual conference of department of tropical medicine at Patna Medical College. 1996

11.“Management of Leprosy” in a seminar organised by WHO and Damien Foundation. 1995

12.“ Aluminium Phosphide poisonings” in the annual conference of  Indian Associations of Clinical Medicine. 1996


MBBS (Honours), MD, FRCP (London)

FRCP (Edinburgh)

Certificate in Clinical Education (Newcastle University)

Osteoporosis and DXA scan reporting Course for Clinician (Derby University)