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About Prof Ashley Baldwin

As a medical leader, Professor Baldwin has been responsible for the safe and efficient delivery and quality control of clinical services. He has also created new services in psychiatric liaison in both the community and acute hospital settings which have reduced hospital admissions and reduced average length of stay in hospital. He contributed to the creation of a clinical trials research unit for which he won the North West Leadership Academy ‘Emerging clinical leader’ award and was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. As a Royal College of Psychiatrists Regional Advisor he has approved consultant posts to deliver undergraduate medical education.

He is married with four children and has an interest in astronomy and astrophysics. He publishes for the international science blog ‘Centauri Dreams’ on a regular basis.


Professor Baldwin has taught postgraduate multi-disciplinary specialities across primary and secondary care as well as undergraduate medicine. The latter in both clinical practice and also as part of medical school teaching programmes. His teaching domains have included most mental health disorders but also neurology, neuropathology, neuroscience and leadership skills ( including negotiation skills and the psychology of persuasion). As well as mental capacity, self harm and suicide. He has acted as a University Clinical Systems Lead and helped in the development of undergraduate medical school curricula and educational quality control. He has experiences as an undergraduate lecturer at several medical schools.


Professor Baldwin has an extensive research background over a twenty year period covering diverse subjects such as clinical drugs trials for vaccines for Alzheimer’s disease, novel treatments for schizophrenia and new treatments for bipolar disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and depression. He has also led local and national audits of schizophrenia, memory clinics and self harm and suicide.

Published Work

Professor Baldwin has published articles in multiple mental health domains in peer reviewed journals including amongst others, the New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Geriatric Medicine, the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and the British Society of Gerontology and the Journal of Health & Aging.  These articles cover diverse subjects such as the treatment of behavioural problems in Alzheimer’s disease, Delirium, Schizophrenia in later life, attitudes towards risk and rights in care homes and the history of psychosurgery.