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About Prof John Alcolado

As Executive Dean of Medicine, John is working to lead and develop Chester Medical School with the aim of establishing innovative programmes of study that will culminate in the award of MBBCh degrees and Primary Medical Qualifications recognized by the General Medical Council (GMC). John has held positions in a range of UK medical schools including Nottingham, Queen Mary University of London (Barts & The London), Cardiff, and Birmingham.   particularly interested in multi-professional education including emerging roles such as Physician Associates and Advanced Clinical Practitioners. 

Much of his time is spent fostering collaborative links with stakeholders including the NHS, regulators, national organisations, students and the local population.

John chairs and sits on Fitness to Practice hearings of the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service and has extensive experience on governance and quality processes.  John remains clinically active in his specialist area of endocrinology, diabetes and acute medicine.


John's focus is on the leadership and management of teaching within Chester Medical School.  In addition, he continues to deliver direct teaching in the areas of clinical medicine, clinical skills, ethics, professionalism and biomedical sciences (in particular homeostasis, basic physiology, and diabetes/endocrinology).


John's research background encompasses clinical trials, basic research into the mechanisms of diabetes mellitus, and medical education.

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BM Hons (Southampton), MRCP(UK- London), DM (Southampton), Cert CST UK, FRCP, PGCE ME (London).