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About Dr Jon Power

Following my studies (BSc at the University of Salford and PhD at the University of Portsmouth in collaboration with NIMR, Mill Hill, London) I switched fields joining the Bone Research Group, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge in 1996 working as a laboratory technician specialising in hard tissue histology. Main areas of study related to osteoporotic hip fracture and was promoted to Post-doctoral Research Associate in 2000, remaining in the group till 2011. Later I joined the Orthopaedic Research Unit, Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge working on ovine models of joint repair before becoming a lecturer at the University of Chester at the end of 2012. 


Jon's teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels are mainly in the areas of:-

Histology, Histopathology, Microscopy and Parasitology.

Below is a list of module he teaches on at Chester Medical School:-

MD4002 - Cell Biology

MD4010 - Professional Skills for Life Sciences I

MD5018 - Diagnostics and Therapeutics

MD5027 - Professional Skills for Life Sciences II

MD6034 - Parasitology

MD6029 - Dissertation

MD7100 - Research Dissertation


Main interests include:

  • In situ analysis of bone loss associated with femoral neck fracture in the elderly
  • Investigation of an Ovine model of skeletal under-loading
  • Osteocytes as regulators of bone remodelling
  • The role of osteocytic sclerostin (inhibitor of bone formation) in fracture repair
  • Analysis of joint repair mechanisms in ovine models
  • Helminth Parasitology

Published Work

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Power, J., Hernandez, P., Guehring, H., Getgood, A., & Henson, F. (2014). Intra‐articular injection of rhFGF‐18 improves the healing in microfracture treated chondral defects in an ovine model. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 32(5), 669-676.

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BSc in Biological Sciences

PhD (nematode parasitology)

PG cert HE