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About Dr Kate Harrison

Kate’s research experience includes time at the Defence Science and Research Laboratories, investigating universal treatments for emerging diseases, and a PhD at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, in the role of novel pro-viral cellular proteins in the growth and replication of vaccinia virus.

Kate then moved to the University of Oxford where she worked in the Neglected Tropical Diseases group at the Jenner Institute, developing vaccines for emerging diseases such as Chikungunya, Zika and Dengue viruses. Her main role was as the lead immunologist for a Phase I clinical trial assessing the safety and immunogenicity of an adenoviral-vectored vaccine for Chikungunya.


Kate has joined the faculty to primarily teach undergraduate immunology.
Previous teaching experience involved undergraduate summer schools and tutorials at the University of Oxford, and private undergraduate tutoring.


Kate’s current research involves the development and testing of a vaccine to protect against Chikungunya virus, which is currently in Phase I clinical trial, as well as the interactions of viral vectors with the immune system.

Published Work

  • Gupta, N., Harrison, K., et al., 2017. Inhibitors of retrograde trafficking active against ricin and Shiga toxins also protect cells from several viruses, Leishmania and Chlamydiales. Chemico-biological interactions267, pp.96-103.
  • Harrison, K., Haga, I., Pechenik Jowers, T., Gillet, D., Schmitt-John, T., Digard, P., Beard, P., 2016. Vaccinia virus uses retromer-independent cellular retrograde transport pathways to facilitate the wrapping of mature virions during viral morphogenesis. Journal of Virology, in press.
  • D'Elia, R.V., Harrison, K., Oyston, P.C., Lukaszewski, R.A. and Clark, G.C., 2013. Targeting the “cytokine storm” for therapeutic benefit. Clin. Vaccine Immunol., 20(3), pp.319-327.

Recent Presentations

  • Harrison, K., et al, 2019. A Phase I study to determine the safety and immunogenicity of a Chikungunya virus vaccine ChAdOx1 Chik in healthy adult volunteers. In: ECCMID, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Poster Presentation, top rated abstract.
  • Harrison, K., et al, 2018. A Phase I study to determine the safety and immunogenicity of a Chikungunya virus vaccine ChAdOx1 Chik in healthy adult volunteers. In: First International Symposium on Emerging Diseases, NDM Mexico, Puebla. Poster Presentation.
  • Harrison, K., et al., 2016. The role of retrograde transport in Vaccinia virus replication. In: Microbiology Society Annual Conference, Liverpool, UK. Oral presentation.


Virology PhD, University of Edinburgh, 2018

Microbiology BSc(Hons) with Industrial Experience, University of Manchester, 2013.