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About Dr Nilu Kannangara

Nilu is a Molecular Parasitologist and a senior Lecturer with a background of Molecular Biosciences. She obtained her doctorate from Durham University, in 2011 and specialised in Toxoplasma gondii drug target research. Her undergraduate degree is from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2004 and in Immuno-parasitology with emphasis on Malaria recombinant vaccine research.

She is passionate about teaching and have 10 years of University teaching experience with a range of degree programmes in Biomedical, Biological, Life and Health Sciences. She has taught in a few universities including Lancaster University, University of Southampton, University of Lincoln, Bournemouth University and Coventry University. I joined University of Chester in 2021.

Her teaching speciality is in Molecular biosciences including Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology. However, she has taught a range of biomedical science subjects including pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Nilu enjoys University teaching as well as research in molecular microbiology and parasitology and pedagogic research in interactive teaching and learning innovations in teaching Molecular Biosciences.

She is a fellow of Higher Education Academy and fellow of Institute of Biomedical Science. Nilu likes public engagement and awareness activities and believe in the good impact on society.


Programme leader for BSc in Biomedical Science

  • Module leader for:
  • MD 4008 Introduction to Microbiology
  • MD 5034 Professional Skills II
  • MD 6030 Medical Microbiology


My research interest is to identify the relationship of various aspects of host-parasite interactions using metagenomic analysis from the data obtained from molecular scatological methods.

Published Work

Wansadhipathi-Kannangara N K (2011) Sphingolipid synthases of Toxoplasma gondii and other organisms, Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Pratt S, Wansadhipathi-Kannangara N K, Bruce C R, Mina J G, Shams-Eldin H, Casas J, Hanada K, Schwarz R T, Sonda S and Denny P W (2013), Sphingolipid synthesis and scavenging in the intracellular apicomplexan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, Journal of Molecular a d Biochemical Parasitology, 187, 43-51.

Mina J G, Okada Y, Wansadhipathi-Kannangara N K, Pratt S, Shams-Eldin H, Schwarz R T, Steel P G, Fawcett T and Denny P W (2010), Functional analyses of differentially expressed isoforms of the Arabidopsis inositol phosphorylceramide synthase, Journal of Plant Molecular Biology, 73, 399-407.

Mina J G, Pan S, Wansadhipathi N K, Bruce C R, Shams-Eldin H, Schwarz R T, Steel P G and Denny P W (2009), The Trypanosoma brucei sphingolipd synthase, an essential enzyme and drug target, Journal of Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 168, 16-23.

Premarathne P H, Wansadhipathi N K, Wickremarachchi W T A, Perera K L R L, Bandara S, Handunnetti S M and Udagama-Randeniya P V (2005), Comparison of the two different recombinant protiens representing region II of the Duffy Binding protein of Plasmodium vivax by assaying for natural antibodies, Annual proceedings of Allergy and Immunology society of Sri Lanka and FIMSA, B-4.

Wansadhipathi N K, Wickremarachchi W T A, Perera K L R L, Bandara S, Longacre S, Handunnetti S M and Udagama-Randeniya P V (2004), Human antibody responses to the Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding protein in Sri Lanka, Annual proceedings of University of Colombo Joint (Faculties of Science and Medicine) academic sessions, 29.



PhD from Durham University 2011

BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences with Chemistry, Botany and Zoology and majored in

 - Immunoparasitology with 1st Class grade from University of Colombo 2004


  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of Institute of Biomedical Science
  • Teaching focused academics network UK
  • OUP Bioscience Education UK
  • Institute for Biologists, Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan expatriates in the UK (NSF Digital platform)