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About Prof Sandra Flynn

Sandra qualified at the Chester District School of Nursing, the Robert Jones, Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital Oswestry and University of Liverpool in general nursing, orthopaedic and trauma nursing, and education. Both her Masters and PhD are orthopaedic based.

Sandra worked for the National Health Service for 38 years, advancing her knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field of trauma and orthopaedics. She held the title of Consultant Nurse in Orthopaedics at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust for 10 years. Introduced in 2008, this was the first consultant nurse post in the Country working within this field of practice. She was one of only two nurses at that time in the UK trained to perform hand surgery.

She functioned as an expert resource providing consultancy both internal and external to the Trust. Monitoring and improving standards of care through, clinical audit, dissemination of research, supervision of practice, teaching and provision of support for professional colleagues.

Sandra is a former member of the RCN Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Nursing committee and acted as Nursing Advisor to the Department of Health workforce planning sub-group, 18-week orthopaedic pathway. She also worked as a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission.

Sandra became a Visiting Professor at the University of Chester in 2018 and led the MSc Physician Associate programme until 2020.


Sandra is the Programme Leader for Clinical MD. Prior to this she taught on the University of Chester Professional Doctorate programme and MSc Physician Associate programme. She has run successful workshops on writing for publication and writing research proposals including ethical considerations.

She has led on several Trauma and Orthopaedic Nursing teaching events held both in the UK and Europe and has taught a wide variety of clinical skills at several NHS Trusts throughout her career.

Sandra is a PGR Supervisor and has previously served as PhD Internal Examiner.


Sandra gained a PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2013; her research, mixed methods fits well in her area of expertise of caring and compassion.

Sandra's principle research fields are:

Caring and compassion

Trauma and orthopaedic care

  • University of Chester research grant, ‘How we did (or didn’t) do it. A study to understand the doctoral experiences of academic staff through reflection.’ 2016- ongoing
  • Perceptions of care and caring: An analytic and descriptive study (PhD) 2013.
  • Evaluation of duration of Thromboembolic prophylaxis after major Orthopaedic Surgery (ETHOS) study. Countess of Chester Hospital, 2008.
  • Audit of outcomes, telephone follow- up versus clinic follow- up after carpal tunnel surgery. Countess of Chester Hospital, 2007.
  • Clinical outcomes following carpal tunnel surgery- comparison between medical staff and nurse practitioner surgical outcomes, 2004.
  • Patient satisfaction with nurse led joint replacement review clinic, 2004.
  • Clinical outcome of patients having undergone furlong hip replacement surgery, 2003.
  • Knee Arthroplasty Trial (KAT) Centre for Study, Dundee, 2002.

Published Work

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Book chapters

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PhD, MSc Professional Practice, PgCert. Ed. BA (Hons) Health Studies, DPSN

Professional Qualifications

RGN, ONC, V300 Non-Medical Prescriber