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About Dr Ceri Nicholas

In 2006, Dr Nicholas joined the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chester as a Senior Lecturer and moved to the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition in 2012. Within the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition, Dr Nicholas’ teaching focuses on Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition. Dr Nicholas is the undergraduate dissertation module leader and she also manages the research phase of the MSc Human Nutrition programme. Dr Nicholas is the Department’s disability support, equality and diversity officer and is also a member of the Faculty’s Research Ethics Committee.


Dr  Nicholas’ teaching is predominantly focused on the following programmes:

• MSc Exercise & Nutrition Science

• MSc Human Nutrition

• BSc Human Nutrition


Dr Nicholas’ research interests are in the areas of the physiology of intermittent high intensity exercise and sports nutrition and she has presented at several national and international conferences.

Published Work

Recent publications

  • Burt, D., Lamb, K., Nicholas, C., & Twist, C. (2013). Effects of repeated bouts of squatting exercise on sub-maximal endurance running performance. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 113, 285-293.
  • Highton, J., Twist, C., Lamb, K., & Nicholas, C. (2013). Carbohydrate-protein co-ingestion improves multiple-sprint running performance. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31 (4), 361-369.
  • Sykes, D., Nicholas, C., Lamb, K.L., & Twist, C. (2013). An evaluation of the external validity and reliability of a rugby league match simulation protocol. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31, 48-57.
  • Thomson, E., Lamb, K.L., & Nicholas, C. (2013). The development of a reliable amateur boxing performance analysis template. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31, 516-528.
  • Highton, J.M., Lamb, K.L., Twist, C., & Nicholas, C. (2012). The reliability and validity of short-distance sprint performance Applied Sports Sciences assessed on a non-motorised treadmill. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26, 458-465.
  • Foster, C., Twist, C., Nicholas, C., & Lamb, K.L. (2010). Heart rate responses to small-sided games among elite junior rugby league players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 24, 906-911.
  • Sykes, D., Twist, C., Nicholas, C., & Lamb, K. (2011). Changes in locomotive rates during senior elite rugby league matches. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29, 1263-1271.
  • Nicholas, C. (2008). Legal nutritional supplements during a sporting event. Essays in Biochemistry, 44, 45-61.


  • BA (Hons) Human Movement Studies – University of Wales Institute Cardiff
  • MSc Sports Science – Loughborough University
  • PhD Exercise Physiology – Loughborough University