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About Dr Lizzy Deery

Lizzy completed a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science (Exercise Physiology) at Edinburgh Napier University, completing her undergraduate dissertation entitled “investigating the use of submaximal cycle ergometer tests to predict treadmill VO2max” before completing an MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University. There she completed her postgraduate thesis entitled “Systematic Review of the use of CPET in risk stratification of major abdominal surgery patients” under the guidance of Prof. Greg Whyte (LJMU) and Mr Malcolm West (Aintree University Hospital).

Pursuing her interest in reducing lifestyle related illness, Lizzy enjoyed a role as a Health & Wellbeing Physiologist for Nuffield Health prior to assuming her post at University of Chester in 2015. Lizzy is currently completing a PhD investigating occupational sedentary time and cardiometabolic health, as well as pursuing research in occupational exercise testing and the impact of sitting time in clinical populations.


  • Exercise and Health (PG)
  • Cardiovascular Anatomy and Exercise Physiology (PG)
  • Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription (PG)
  • Physiology and Physical Performance (PG)
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis (UG & PG)
  • Key Concepts of Nutrition (PG)
  • Sports and Exercise Nutrition (UG)
  • Human Nutrition (UG)
  • Exercise and Weight Management (PG)
  • Behavioural Aspects of Food and Nutrition (UG)
  • Health Improvement (UG)
  • Dissertation (UG)


  • Acute and chronic vascular and metabolic responses to sit-stand desk work
  • UK office workers’ perceptions of sit-stand desk work,
  • Feasibility and acceptability of sit-stand desks to reduce occupational sedentary time and impact upon health
  • Nutritional knowledge and or nutritional behaviour of office-workers, shift workers, call-centre staff.
  • Sedentary behaviour of athletes and/or those recreationally active – active couch potatoes?
  • The use of ergogenic aids on physical performance and or recovery


  • PG Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education –University of Chester
  • MSc- Clinical Exercise Physiology, Liverpool John Moores University
  • BSc- Sport & Exercise Science (Exercise Physiology), Edinburgh Napier University