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About Prof Lynne Kennedy

She previously worked at Glyndwr University (2009-2013) where she was promoted from Senior Lecturer in Public Health to Reader (2011) and Head of Department for Health & Medical Sciences (2011), with responsibility for the University’s partnership in the Cardiff University North Wales (Medical) Clinical School and subsequently (2012) Director of the University Research Centre for Health, Wellbeing & Society. In 2013 she was awarded an Honorary Research Fellow by Public Health Wales (2013-15) to progress research and policy developments in the area of health assets and health improvement. Also this year she was selected onto the nationally acclaimed Welsh Crucible programme for advancing leading researchers in Wales. Lynne started her career in public health as a Lecturer within the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Liverpool (1994-2008), where she contributed to the development and delivery of modules on the Masters in Public Health Programme with a special focus on health promotion and wellbeing.

Since 1994 she has been a long term member of the European Training Consortia (ETC) for Public Health and Health Promotion in Europe, resulting in considerable experience of public health and health improvement approaches in the European and international context. She has engaged in several successful international collaborative research projects in Europe including an international study into innovative health related behaviour (lifestyle) health promoting approaches including health asset approaches. She is currently engaged in establishing international research collaboration with Nordic countries, Netherlands and Spain around exploring the use of salutogenic (origins of health) – as opposed to deficit or pathogenic (origins of disease) approaches to improving health and wellbeing through increased resilience, strengthening communities and enhancing social networks.

She is particularly interested in utilising participatory action research methodologies to enhance Veterans health, wellbeing and quality of life through increased opportunities for employment, meaningful occupation, empowerment, resilience and social identity.  


As professor in Public Health and Nutrition she now has the opportunity to return once more to focus on building research in this particular area.

Research interests

  1. Diet, Nutrition and Health
  2. Nutrition Inequalities and Food Poverty
  3. Novel approaches to promoting nutrition and health
  4. Participatory Action Research Methodology
  5. Qualitative Inquiry
  6. Evaluation of interventions (behaviour change, health promotion approaches)
  7. Evaluation of Complex Interventions
  8. Salutogenic/Health Assets approaches

Prof Kennedy has considerable experience in public health nutrition and in supporting the development of research capacity and culture within academic departments and organisations. She is keen therefore to enhance the research profile of individual colleagues and also the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition moving into the future. She is keen to optimise her public health skills and links to expand the research profile within the department and to make collaborative links across faculties and with relevant external organisations and universities.

Lynne is keen to develop research around obesity, body image and public health using critical discourses. She is currently pursuing collaborative links with colleagues in Coventry University and the Netherlands on developing research Young People’s decision making with regard to public health messages on obesity, body image and health. Building on recent involvement in the evaluation of the Salford NHS ‘Making Every Contact Count’ complex Behaviour Change intervention, she is keen to develop methodologies for evaluation of complex interventions and also to evaluate further population-wide behaviour change interventions.

Indicators of Esteem

2013 Welsh Crucible (Competition): Leading Researchers in Wales

2013 NISCHR Health & Social Care Committee

2013 International Health Committee for Wales (Invited representative)

2012 Best Research Poster: National Public Health Wales Conference, Cardiff

2012 Trustee for Age Concern North East Wales

2013 Non-executive Director Co-Production Wales

2013 Non-executive Director UK Active.

2013-18 NISCHR National Institute health Social Care Research (Wales)

2011 Hong Kong Government Department of Health

2011 ESRC Grants Peer Reviewer

2009 - Netherlands, National Centre for Health & Prevention


PhD Bursary: 

2012 Richard O Neal (Bangor University) Emma Litt and Lynne Kennedy PhD Studentship: Early Diagnosis Myeloma Tenovus Wales, £55,000

2012 Kennedy LA and Carey H. PhD Bursary £55000 Purposeful Occupation and MND; RCBC Wales

2012 Kennedy LA & Lloyd M. PhD Studentship £55000 Mental Health Nursing RCBC Wales

2010 Parry O, Kennedy L ’Protection and Safeguarding of older vulnerable adults' NISCHR Studentship £56,000

Research Grants List

Kennedy La (2013) Inequalities in infant feeding: successful breastfeeding patterns in Wales, a Salutogenic Lens Public Health Wales 15,000 2013
Kennedy L A and Carey H (2012) Meaningful occupation: how can a Salutogenic approach support people with Motor Neurone Disease to enhance well being RCBC Wales 55,000 2012
Kennedy LA, Tocque K, Dugdill L, Morgan A, Peck C and Parry O  Evaluation of wide scale behaviour change: Salford Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Salford NHS 8,000 2012
Kennedy LA, Tocque K, Dugdill L, Morgan A, Peck C and Parry O Evaluation of wide scale behaviour change: Salford Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Salford NHS 75,000 2011
Poole R, Parry O, Kennedy L Robinson C Tocque K Achieving positive change in the drinking culture in Wales. Alcohol Concern Cymru. 30,000 2010
Parry O, Kennedy L Poole R, Robinson C Tocque K Research Development Group on young people and alcohol Young Persons Research Network 2,500 2010

Abrahams D (University of Liverpool Health Impact Assessment Unit) and Kennedy LA: Assessment of European Food Safety impact including recommendations on key impact indicators. Collaborating Institute /Research Consultant and Public Health Nutrition Technical Advisor

European Union 40,000 2008
Harrison R., Bower P., Gabbay MB., Capewell S., Kennedy L., Lloyd-Williams F., Barton G., Byrne P., Martindale AM, Roberts C., Woolf S. University of Liverpool.  Feasibility Study of a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) of Lay Heath Trainers (2006-2008) Co-Applicant and Member of Intervention Study Design & Implementation Group; Training Adviser.

Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI)

250,000 2006-9
Kennedy LA and Evans B (2006) University of Liverpool, Public Health (Kennedy L) & Geography (Evans B) Interdisciplinary Project: developmental study into childhood obesity from the perspective of the child (Joint PI)

Wellcome VIP

7,000 2006
Kennedy LA. The development of Computer Assisted & Web Based Learning in Nutrition & health promotion for health care students (PI)


2,800 1999

Kennedy LA and Judd S. Identifying and developing the capacity for nutrition training for health professionals in Primary Care in the North West region. (PI)

 (NWRHA)  16,000  1998-99
Koelen MA (Netherlands), Colomer C (Spain), Contu P (Italy), Kennedy LA (UK).The Super programme: A European Nutrition & Health Promotion Research Network. The evaluation of volunteer health advisers in a UK city; Role: supervisor to a visiting research assistant from Spain. (Co-Applicant)  European Community (EC)  24,000  1996-97

Kennedy LA, Patterson A, Price S. Development and evaluation of cost effective strategies in community nutrition: the Bolton Lay nutrition advisors project Sept. 95 – Sept.97. (PI)

Biomed Programme  37,000  1995-97

Hotchkiss J and Kennedy LA. A review of existing food & nutrition research. PI.

(NWRHA)  2,500  1996-97

Mullan AP, Cleave N, Kennedy-Haynes LA, Hackett AF, Williams G. (1996). Validation of a simple nutrition risk score for use with the elderly in the community. Co-Applicant

Wirral Health Authority Sefton & Knowsley HA

 17,000  1996

Published Work

Selected Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals

Tocque, K., & Kennedy, L. (2015) Inequalities in dental health: An ecological analysis of the interaction between the effects of water fluoridation and social deprivation on tooth decay in children living in England. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology. 7 (7), 206-216.

Beedie C, Mann S, Jimenez A, Kennedy L, Lane A, Domone S, Whyte G (2015) Death by Effectiveness: exercise as medicine caught in the efficacy trap! British J Sports Medicine (bmj) Feb 12 10.1136/bjsports- 2014-094389

Tocque K and Kennedy L (in press) Fluoridation and Inequalities in dental health in children living in the UK: an ecological analysis J. Epidemiology and Public Health (accepted April 2015)

Basu A, Kennedy L, Tocque K and Jones S (2014) Eating for 1, Healthy and Active for 2: feasibility of delivering novel compact training for midwives to build knowledge and confidence in giving nutrition advice during pregnancy. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth:

Vaandrager L, Hassink J, Schreuder E, Rijinders M, Enders MJ, Kennedy LA (2014) Exploring salutogenic mechanisms of an outdoor experiential learning programme on youth care farms in the Netherlands: untapped potential? International Journal of Adolescence and Youth (Accepted Feb 2014)

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Other Peer Reviewed Outputs

Bailey J, Poole R, Robinson C, Parry O, Tocque K, Kennedy L (2011) Achieving Positive Change in the Drinking Culture of Wales, Alcohol Concern Wales

Kennedy LA (2012) Salutogenesis research and community resilience University of Ottawa, Canada March 2013 Invited Presentation at eth International Network on Community Health and resilience (ENrIch)

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Kennedy LA (2011) Invited Keynote: Competencies for Health Promotion Practice in the UK; International Research Symposium: Zagreb, Croatia, July 26-28th 2011.

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Other Nutritition Research Outputs

Hooft Van Huysduynen, E., Kennedy L A., and Vaandrager L (2009) Partnership Working to Tackle Obesity in Wrexham: What did the Obesity Programme Group achieve in one year? Report to the Public Health Commissioning Group Wrexham/ University of Wageningen, Netherlands. December 2009.

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  • Fellowship Higher Education Academy (FHEA)-  Higher Education Academy, 2008
  • Faculty Public Health Medicine (Hon MFPHM) - Royal College of Physicians 2001
  • Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) (RNutr (Public Health)) - The Nutrition Society 2000