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James Norman

I think the thing I enjoyed most about my course was the variety. You did so many different modules and all of them beneficial.
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Peter Stringer

My favourite module was User Experience, and it has been throughout my university experience. To explore what makes a great piece of software.
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Thomas Haughton

Current Employer:

Practice and hone your skills in your spare time, find something interesting and teach yourself.
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Paul Speed

Current Employer: Unicube Studios

Ensure you are creating projects that are not related to your studies as it shows initiative to employers. When attending a job interview, project yourself as someone who enjoys what they do.
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Lauren Beever

Current Employer: Chester Zoo

Work experience is the most valuable thing you can have on your CV. Do that unpaid internship or that low paying role that’s related to your field of interest. It will all be worth it when you come to apply for jobs.
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Kyle Thomas

Current Employer: Oliver Wyman /Draw Group

Don’t be worried if you don’t know how to solve a problem. Google and Stack Overflow become your best friends.
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James Sillett

Current Employer: TT Games (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Start looking for game dev jobs as soon as you find your passion, build a kick-ass portfolio and get involved in Game Jams!
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Gary Skidmore

Current Employer: ITV

Ask as many questions as you can to gain more knowledge. Make as many memories as you can and enjoy the university experience.
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Cameron King

Current Employer: Umbrella Marketing Team

Use your university experience and assignments during interviews. You are juggling so many different projects, working to different briefs and meeting different deadlines.
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Axl Doyle

Current Employer: Unicube Studios

Reading up on the latest features for any software you plan to use and then try to learn how to use those features is always a great start.
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Andy Elliott

Current Employer: FairFX / CardOne Banking

Always ask questions and try to learn areas outside of the lecturer’s materials. It will help you down the line!
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Amy Oldfield

Current Employer: GBG

I strongly suggest understanding Cloud Computing. It’s extremely in demand for business.
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