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Mike teaches at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels on topics including programming, theoretical computer science, networks and data communications.


Mike research interests include combinatorial optimisation, network reliability and information-centric networking.

Published Work

M. Morgan, An ant colony approach to regenerator placement with fault tolerance in optical networks, in Reliable  Networks  Design  and  Modeling  (RNDM),  2015 7th International Workshop on, Munich, 2015

Morgan, M. and Pridgeon, C. A Case Study in Applied Bin Packing with Order Constraints. In:Proceedings  of  the  16th  Annual Logistics Research Network Conference (LRN 2011) University of Southampton, September 2011

Morgan,  M.  Optimisation  Techniques  for  Wireless  and  Optical  Networks  (PhD thesis) January 2010 

Morgan, M. and Grout, V. Finding Optimal Solutions to Backbone Minimisation Problems  using  Mixed  Integer Programming. In:Proceedings of  the Seventh International Network Conference (INC 2008)

University of Plymouth, July 2008 Morgan, M. and Grout, V. Virtual Backbone Configuration in Wireless Mesh Net-works.  In:Proceedings  of  the  Third  Collaborative  Research  Symposium  on  Security,  E-Learning,  Internet  and  Networking  (SEIN  2007), ISNRG, Plymouth, July 2007.

Morgan, M. and Grout, V. Metaheuristics for Wireless Network Optimisation.  In:Proceedings  of  the  Third  IARIA/IEEE  Advanced  International  Conference  on Telecommunications (AICT 2007) May 13-19 2007, Mauritius.

Morgan,  M.  and  Grout,  V.  Optimisation  Techniques  for  Wireless  Networks.   In:Proceedings  of  the  Sixth  International  Network  Conference  (INC  2006) University of Plymouth, 11-14 July 2006 Morgan,  

M.  and  Grout,  V.  The  Minimum  Connected  Dominating  Set  Problem applied to Wireless Network Design Eighth Applied Mathematical Programming and Modelling Conference (APMOD 2006) Madrid, Spain, 18-21 June 2006.

Morgan, M. and Grout, V. Spanning Tree Objective Functions and Algorithms for Wireless Mesh Networks.  In:Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium(Sarnoff 2006) 27-28 March 2006, Princeton, New Jersey, USA