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About Paul Underhill

Paul has worked at the university for over eight years in a number of roles. He has lectured in the Computer Science department on a range of modules and programmes and is keen to increase research in the Data Science field.

He has previously been involved with the setup, maintenance and upgrading of several servers that play a key role within the Computer Science department. 


Pauls area of interest is Data Science. He covers all aspects from statistical programming, current principles and machine learning. He has previously taught on a wealth of programmes for the Computer Science department both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including Cyber Security, Software Engineering and Computer Science. 

Paul is also a part of the STEM Outreach Programme that offers school students the opportunity to see what ‘real’ engineers and scientists do, through practical applications and problem-solving activities.

Published Work

Underhill, P., Oyinloye, T., Speakman, L., & Eze, T. (2022). Forensic trails obfuscation and preservation via hard drive firmware. European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security21(1), 419-428.


BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics and IT Security

MSc Cybersecurity