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About Arthur Kelly

I started teaching in the days before there was a National Curriculum. I was on the Senior Leadership Team of a large Primary School in the North West of England and began working with trainee teachers then.

My first degree is in Geography, and my subsequent Masters study is about how children learn about the world. In essence it is about Geography too. When I was in primary school teacher I became fascinated by how we learn to become teachers, and that this became interested in teacher training or development. I moved into higher dictation, and began working on undergraduate and postgraduate routes into teaching. I also began my research interests, particularly into children’s Geographies, what they think of the world and how that compares to what (some) adults think of the world. My interest continues to this day through my work with the Geographical Association, and of course the teachers of young children.

Arthur contributes to a range of roles with the Geographical Association ( including being a member of the Editorial Board of the National Journal Primary Geography ( and a Moderator for the Primary Geography Quality Mark (


Arthur teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate routes into teaching. Here he uses his considerable expertise to contribute and enhance courses on primary professionalism. He also contributes to and enhances courses on primary geography and the role of Children’s Geographies in school. Arthur also contributes to Mentor development courses with our Partnership Schools.



Kelly, A. and Ankers, S. (2021) A New Welsh Route Into Teaching For a New Welsh Curriculum, Universities Council for the Education of Teachers 2nd Nov 2021

Ankers, S. and Kelly, A. (2020) Old Wine, New Bottles or New Wine?

Conference Presentation Liverpool: TEESnet Conference 2020

Conference Paper: TEESnet Conference 2022 - Is there a need for Slow Learning?


Arthur Kelly and Deborah Forrest (Faculty of Education and Children’s Services): The Foundations of Learning at Level 4

Papers presented at Conference:

  • Geographical Association Annual Conference 2010 Manchester – Presented paper
  • Charney Manor Primary Geography Conference 2010 – Presented paper
  • Charney Manor Primary Geography Conference  2011  – Presented paper
  • Geographical Association Annual Conference 2011  Guildford – Presented two papers, Chaired Sessions
  • Geographical Association Annual Conference 2012  Manchester – Presented two papers
  • Geographical Association Annual Conference 2013  Derby– Presented Research Paper, facilitated workshop, chaired sessions
  • Geographical Association Annual Conference 2015  Manchester– Presented Research Paper

Published Work

Can geographers be locked down? Primary Geography 105 P 30-31 (2021)

Editorship (incl. Comment) Primary Geography 106 P4 (2021)

Tree-mendous learning and teaching Primary Geography 106 P5 (2021)

Geography in practice Primary Geography 106 P32 (2021)

The Start Gallery: At least 30 ways… (2019)  Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Autumn 2019

Editorship Primary Geography (Spring 2019)  GA: Sheffield

Article: Mastery or Wonder? (2017) Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Spring 2017

Geography and Music: A Creative Harmony in Scoffham S Ed (2ed)  (2017) Teaching Geography Creatively Routledge

Editorial: Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Autumn 2016

Article:  Smooth Transitions Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Autumn 2015

Article:  Start Gallery: The Americas Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Spring 2015

Editor: Autumn 2013 Edition of Primary Geography – Knowing Geography

Geography Enhancing Science in Kelly L and Stead D (Eds) (2013)  Enhancing Primary Science: Developing Effective Cross Curricular Links – OUP

Article: in Teach Primary Magazine vol6.2 Spring 2012

Editor: Autumn 2011 Edition of Primary Geography – Extreme Geography

Article: Listening to the Landscape in Teach Primary Magazine vol4.4 Spring 2010

Article:  South Africa 2010 Primary Geography GA: Sheffield Spring 2010


1995-1996 M.Ed. (With Distinction)

Department of Education

University of Liverpool

1993-1994 C.A.S.E.

Faculty of Education, University of Liverpool

1986-1987 P.G.C.E. (With Distinction)

Institute of Education, University of Hull

1981-1984 B.A. (Hons) IIi Geography