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About Dr Georgina Spry, EdD, MA, PGTLHE, BEd(Hons), SFHEA, FCCT

I firmly believe that my role should be that of facilitator, of a guide. My mission is to become a partner in the learning process with the student, one who leads them to independently discover the meaning within the subject being taught. I maintain that students should have a full and active part in their education and that I am the facilitator and partner within this learning environment. Good educators make learning relevant, real, and rewarding; education must consider the experience and interests of the student and their life experience. I try to make learning experiences relevant and participative.

I do not doubt that teaching is my vocation, my calling; it is what I do and am. I am very aware of the privileged position this puts me and am humbled by this. I strive to promote the love of learning and a creative approach to teaching in all I do. I have an infectious passion for all arts-based teaching, how the arts can enhance a person’s education and, importantly, well-being.

This passion is also alive in my research, which is not only on how we learn in craft communities as individuals and groups but also how this engagement supports us emotionally and educationally. I am, and always have been, committed to the teaching profession, believing firmly in the importance of quality in education and can bring my expertise, knowledge and passion for learning into education where I hope to connect, inform and inspire. I aim to be an inspiration and a partner to all that I teach.

I have presented research at many European conferences and have worked as a creative consultant internationally. Completing an Education Doctorate supported my research into personal and professional study in the arts, notably crafts based research. My thesis researched how groups of craftspeople support each other by learning new skills and transferring this knowledge, alongside research into how crafts are used as a place of reflection and healing.

I have always had a passion for the arts, and the conveying of these skills to inspiring and established teachers and my own arts-based research and practice helps to support this passion. I have had my achievements recognised by the Chartered College of Teaching by awarding me a Founding Fellowship and the Higher Education Academy with my Senior Fellowship award.


Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Founding Fellow Chartered College of Teaching (FCCT)

PG Cert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PG cert TLHE)

Bachelor of Education (BEd Hons)


Key research outputs during previous 5 years (academic staff):





26-28th March 2021


iJADE Conference. Re-imagining pedagogy, practice and research.

A New Felt Presence

9-11th October 2019


INSEA. Art Education: Conflicts and Connections

Cultural Partnerships

5-7th September 2019


Storyhouse Educating Creatively

Presentation – Crafting in a collective

Workshop – The female pocket: An impossible receptacle 

27th June 2019


University of Chester LTI Conference

Crafting a collective sense of self: developing creative strength for wellbeing in Initial Teacher Education.

10-13th April 2019


Talking Bodies

Presentation: Hushed Reverberations

Interactive Display: Hushed Reverberations

22-23rd February 2019


iJADE Conference Creating Spaces: Inclusivity, ethics and participation in art and design eductaion.

Crafting a collective sense of self

27th June 2018


University of Chester LTI Staff Conference

Cultural Partnerships as a route to Change

18-19 Nov 2016


iJADE conference


Drawn to Felt


1 July 2016


Impact of Creative and Cultural Education (Curious Minds/RECAP)

Rethinking the classification of felt in the art craft hierarchy: A complicated affair

5-6 May 2016



7th TEAN Conference

Cultivating Learning

A new emerging pedagogy?

Research Output:

16th October 2020 Thesis


A New Felt Presence: making and learning as part of a community of women feltmakers


March 2021:

Acceptance for submission into the International Feltmakers Association Online Exhibition ReConnect


Doctor of Education (EdD)

MA Special Educational Needs (MA SEN)

PG Cert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PG cert TLHE)

Batchelor of Education (BEd Hons)

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Founding Fellow Chartered College of Teaching (FCCT)