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I have taught in a range of formal and informal education settings. I began my career performing and teaching abroad before running drama workshops in a variety of settings within the North West of Lancashire. For a number of years I taught in a SpLD school before moving on to become a teacher of Drama and English within secondary education. Prior to becoming the programme leader for Education Studies, at the University of Chester, I lead the Education Studies degree programme at the University Centre at Blackburn College.


I am currently working with a production company to create a short film which will explore the seaside town of Blackpool and its entertainment culture. I will be focusing on drag performance in Blackpool both historically and in the present day whilst exploring the town's working class heritage.

Published Work

Eadon-Sinkinson, H. (2017) Drama, Creativity and Critical Pedagogy. Prism.1.

Eadon, H. (2005) Drama and Dyslexia. London: Routledge


EdD University of Chester 2019

MA Education (Drama) University of Chester 2013

QTS Assessment Only University of Chester 2013

PGCE University of Edinburgh 2004