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About Jane Weavers

I have taught in a number of schools and worked with a wide age range of children, initially specialising in science and mathematics in middle school, I became interested in younger children and moved into teaching in primary schools.  I have had management roles in schools, including managing Foundation Stage units, and SENCO.

At the University of Chester, I started on Initial Teacher Education Programmes in the Department, where I co-ordinated the teaching of Primary Science and taught on specialist early years modules. My role developed into working on MA programmes, working with teachers in the early stages of their careers initially, however this has become wider as I have taken on the leadership of MA programmes and I enjoy the privilege of working with students drawn for different phases of education and at different stages in their careers. I currently am Deputy Head of Department for our Academic and Professional Programmes, which includes the MA courses.

Whilst I maintain my interest in the teaching of science, I also have a particular interest in the effect of children’s development on learning and how their life experiences can have an impact.