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Undergraduate – research and research practice.

MA – research design.

Doctoral – supervision in the areas described above, and a module on institutions, discontinuities and systems of thought.


I am happy to consider supervising research about people who are marginalised and the philosophy of everyday experience, especially, but not exclusively, in relation to chronic homelessness and substance abuse.

Published Work

Moran, P. and Atherton, F. (2018) A Philosophy of Homelessness London: Routledge

Moran, P. (2017) “The future of educational research: has Nietzsche led the way?” Research in Education

Moran, P. (2016) “Towards a Nietzschean pedagogy of the city” Power and Education

Moran, P. (2016) “Accommodating radical water practice: an ethnographic study of a looked after child in a mainstream primary school” Other Education

Moran, P. (2012) “Deleuze and the queer ethics of an empirical education” Studies in Philosophy and Education


PhD, University of Birmingham