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About Dr Steve Lambert

Prior to entering higher education I worked in education for 20 years holding a number of roles in secondary and further education, including a number of senior leadership roles. I also worked as a civil servant with responsibility for the funding of education and more recently in local government, where I was a senior leader with a portfolio of responsibilities. I have worked as a senior leader in education for over 13 years.

I obtained my Master’s degree in leadership for schools and colleges from Kingston University and my doctorate from the University of Hull. My doctoral research focused on the development of future leaders of education, which has become one of the themes which of my research. Other areas of interest is the discourse between educational policy and practice, the development of sustainable leadership as a leadership concept that secures the future of educational leadership, the mapping of leadership traits and the role of emotions in leadership.

I was the recipient of the 2016 FETL national research fellowship.



  • MA in Educational Leadership
  • EdD




  • Leadership in Post-16
  • Sustainable leadership
  • Leverage Leadership
  • Educational Policy
  • Psychology of Leadership


  • Masters and doctoral students in the field of educational leadership.


Published Work


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