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The word ‘enterprise’ actually relates to its verb – “to be enterprising”. So whilst we may naturally think of enterprises as large corporations, it in fact represents the range from the small business owner, up to the globally renowned household brands. It also includes those organisations with a different mission to making profits – the social enterprises.

Of course, when we think of enterprises such as Amazon, Alibaba or Pepsi Cola, we are inclined to think of them as brands. However, it is easy to forget that it’s the people inside those enterprises that make them what they are – making the decisions, designing the products or services and managing customer relationships. Although it’s the people at the top of those companies that we associate as their leaders – Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and Indra Nooyi, each of those individuals would agree that their success depends entirely upon leadership right the way through the organisation.

Finally, there are the day to day tasks that need completing to keep businesses ticking over. Those tasks, whether they are undertaken by employees, robots or computers, need to be managed by people. Those people represent the management element of an enterprise. In most businesses, the different areas those tasks cover are broken down into departments, for example HR, marketing, R&D and procurement.  

The degree programmes, the short courses and the guest lectures that we develop within this department covers all of those elements: the building blocks of an enterprise, the tasks and behaviours of management and the strategies and styles of great leadership. However you learn from us, we aim to provide you with knowledge and skills that are not only at the cutting edge of modern business thinking, but also preparing you for the future. Since the world of business is changing so dynamically, with people working in different ways and from different places, so the styles of management and leadership must adapt also.

Our Staff

Associate Professor & Head of Department of Enterprise, Leadership and Management
Senior Lecturer in Business and Management
Lisa Conway
Senior Lecturer Business and Management
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource & Business Management
Senior Lecturer and Senior University Teaching Fellow
Paul Manning
Professor in Business Ethics
Programme Leader, Business Management
Programme Leader for International Business Management
Senior Lecturer in Business Management

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