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About Dr Amanda Williams

I am a physical geographer with research interests in glacial geomorphology and sedimentology, as well as a broader interest in Quaternary climate and environmental change.  


I am module leader for:

  • GE4001 Introduction to Physical Geography and Geology
  • GE5011 Earth Surface Processes

I also teach or act as a project tutor for parts of the following modules:

  • GE4004 Tutorials
  • GE5013 / GE5014 Researcher Development
  • GE6001 Dissertations
  • GE6005 Climate Change: Past Record and Future Prospects
  • GE6017 Anthropocene
  • WB501 Work-based Learning


My principal research interests lie in the field of Quaternary Science and Glacial Sediments. My Ph.D. investigated the Late Devensian glaciation of Anglesey, North-west Wales, in particular focusing on the use of mineral magnetic and geochemistry to try to differentiate between two differently-coloured facies of glacial diamict. My current research continues to expand on my Ph.D. research, as well as investigating glacial landforms and sediments associated with retreating glaciers in Jostedalsbreen, Norway. 

Published Work

Williams, A.J, France, D., Thomas, G. & Burek, C. (in preparation) ‘Late Devensian ice dynamics in North Wales: The status of the Liverpool Bay phase re-advance in North-West Wales’.

Williams, A.J. et al (2013) Greater Manchester Region Local Geodiversity Action Plan, GMLGAP.

Williams, A.J., Evans, D., Hiemstra, J. Thomas, G.S.P., Chiverell, R., Phillips, E. & Everest, J.  (2011) Glacial Land-systems of Anglesey & the surrounding region; Glacial Land-systems Working Group / QRA (Field-guide from Oct.2011 field meeting).

Williams, A.J, Burek, C., Riddington, K. & Crawford, K. (2009) Cheshire region Local Geodiversity Action Plan (2nd Edition); University of Chester.

Williams, A.J., Burek, C., France, D. & Cubitt, F. (2004) “The lost meres and mosses of Delamere Forest, Cheshire”; Cheshire RIGS / English Nature; University of Chester.

Conference papers:

Geochemical and mineral magnetic analysis of a till sequence: “The Liverpool Bay Phase Readvance” - Quaternary Research Association Annual Meeting, January 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Poster)


M.A. (Hons) Geography (University of Edinburgh); M.Sc. Quaternary Science (Royal Holloway, University of London); Ph.D. (Liverpool University); P.G.C.E. (Secondary) (St Martin’s College, Lancaster)

Professional Affiliations

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Secretary of the Cheshire Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites (RIGS) group

Secretary of the Cheshire regional Local Geodiversity Action Plan

Member of the Quaternary Research Association

Member of the Glacial Land-systems Working Group