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GE4002 Introduction to Human Geography (Module Leader)

GE4003 Foundations for Successful Studentship

GE4004 Tutorials (Module Leader)

GE5006 Tutorials (Tutor)

GE5013/14 Researcher Development and Research Design

GE5016 Geopolitics and the Global Economy (Module Leader)

GE6001/2 Dissertation

GE6025 Smart Places


My research interests intersect around three areas: 

Popular Culture and Geopolitics: I am interested in how popular understandings of geopolitics are articulated, produced, marketed and consumed via popular culture and the media. In particular I have examined the role of military-themed videogames.

Critical Military Studies: I study how cultures of militarism are expressed and encountered in everyday life. This has included research on: the politics of memorialisation; the relationship between the military and popular culture; and methodological approaches to studying the military.   

Digital technologies for Social and Political Change: My recent research explores how visual cultures and technologies, such as digital games and Virtual Reality (VR), are being used to encourage social, political and environmental change. I am also interested in the pedagogical implications of such technologies for the teaching of geography.  

Published Work


Dittmer, J and Bos, D. (2019) Popular Culture, Geopolitics and Identity, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: US.

Journal Articles:

Bos, D. (2021) Geography and virtual reality. Geography Compass, 15(9).
Bos, D., Miller, S., & Bull, E. (2021). Using virtual reality (VR) for teaching and learning in geography: fieldwork, analytical skills, and employability. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 1-10.
Bos, D. (2020). 'Popular geopolitics ‘beyond the screen’: Bringing Modern Warfare to the city'. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 39(1), 94-113.


Bos, D. (2018) Answering the Call of Duty: Everyday encounters with the popular geopolitics of military-themed videogames. Political Geography, 63, 54-64. 

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Book Chapters:

Bos, D. (2021) Nationalism, Popular Culture and the Media In Adams, P. C and Warf, B. Routledge Handbook of Media Geographies, Routledge: UK.

Bos, D. (2018) Popular Geopolitics and the Landscapes of Virtual War in Saunders, R. and Strukov, V. Popular Geopolitics: Plotting an Evolving Interdiscipline, Routledge: UK, 216-234.

Bos, D. and Jenkings. N, (2016) Analysing newspapers: considering the use of print media sources in military research In Williams A, Woodward R, Jenkings N and Rech M F (Eds) The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods, Routledge: UK, 58-70.

Bos, D. (2016) Critical Methodologies for Researching Military Videogames, In Williams A, Woodward R, Jenkings N and Rech M F (Eds) The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods, Routledge: UK, 332-344.

Bos, D. (2015) Methods/Videogames/Geopolitics, Special Edition E-IR: World Politics and Popular Culture E-International Publishing, 101-109.

Book Reviews:

Bos, D. (2017) ‘Popular Geopolitics and Nation-Branding in the Post-Soviet Realm’, Robert Saunders. Book Review in Social and Cultural Geography, 18 (8), 1197-1199.

Bos, D. (2016) ‘How to Do Things with Videogames’, Ian Bogost. Book Review in Journal of Consumer Culture.

Media Publications:

Using Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance teaching and learning:, July 2021.

Interview in Oxford Today:, November 2017.

Do videogames cause violence? Oxplore website:, May 2017.

Militainment presented at ForcesWatch: Militarisation in Everyday Life UK, London, October 2013



BA (Newcastle University); MA (Newcastle University); PhD (Newcastle University)

Professional affiliations:

Association of American Geographers (member)

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

SEDA PDF Learning, Teaching and Assessing Certificate