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About Dr Namrata Bhattacharya-Mis

As a Geographer with interest in multidisciplinary research, I am particularly interested in the understanding and managing the consequence of water extremes and the vulnerabilities of the dynamic socio-economic system behaviour. I am also interested in community led knowledge cocreation and participatory research. I have experience of working with multidisciplinary teams on research projects focusing on topics including (but not exhaustive): understanding risk perception and memory through social-hydrology; adaptation of urban infrastructure to enhance climate resilience in the global south; exploring the effects of temporal clustering of flood events on natural built and socio-economic systems in order to identify critical vulnerabilities; use of technology and nature based solutions to enhance flood resilience.


I am the module leader for:

GE4014 Global Hazards and Risk-Module Leader; 

GE6003 Natural Hazard Assessment and Mitigation – Module Leader; GE6016 - Environment, Poverty and Health- Module Leader;

GE7013 -Adaptation and Flood Resilience - Module Leader;

GE7016 - Research Methods and Analytics in Flood Risk Management- Module Leader; 

I also contribute towards other modules and supervise dissertation students for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

GE4013 (Changing the world)

GE5001 Hazard Processes and Human Vulnerability 

GE5010/13/14 Geomatics and Research Design/ Researcher Development); GE6001/02 UG Dissertation

GE7017 – PG Independent Dissertation


  • Coupled socio-economic systems to identify critical vulnerabilities and improve flood resilience. 
  • Water adaptive design and innovation
  • Understanding risk perception and memory through social-hydrology
  • Public participation and Knowledge Cocreation
  • Nature Based Solutions and Use of technology to improve societal resilience

Published Work

Lageard, S., & Bhattacharya-Mis, N. (2023). Preparedness and management of (flood) disaster amid a pandemic in a developing country: lessons from Cyclone Amphan in southwestern Bangladesh. In D. P. Victor Oladokun, Oluseye Adebimpe, Taiwo Adedeji (Ed.), Handbook of Flood Risk Management in Developing Countries (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 137-160): Taylor and Francis.

Adekola, O., Lamond, J., Adelekan, I., Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Ekinya, M., Bassey Eze, E., & Ujoh, F. Towards adoption of mobile data collection for effective adaptation and climate risk management in Africa. (2022). Geoscience Data Journal, 00, 1– 15 , available from:doi: (early view)

Fialho, H. A., F.; Sousa, B.; Souza, F.; Bhattacharya-Mis, N.; Mendiondo, E.; Oliveira, P. . (2021). Anticipated Memories and Adaptation from Past Flood Events in Gregório Creek Basin, Brazil. WATER, 13. doi:  

Felipe Augusto Arguello Souza, Namrata Bhattacharya-Mis, Camilo Restrepo-Estrada, Patricia Gober, Denise Taffarello, José Galizia Tundisi & Eduardo Mario Mendiondo (2021) Blue and grey urban water footprints through citizens’ perception and time series analysis of Brazilian dynamics, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 66 (3), pp. 408-421, DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2021.1879388

Lamond, J., & Bhattacharya-Mis, N. (2021). Chapter 6 - Resilience through flood memory—A comparison of the role of insurance and experience in flood resilience for households and businesses in England. In J. M. Mendes, G. Kalonji, R. Jigyasu, & A. Chang-Richards (Eds.), Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance to Manage Disaster Risk (pp. 59-67)

Sarmento Buarque, Ana Carolina., Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Maria Clara Fava, Felipe Augusto Arguello de Souza & Eduardo Mario Mendiondo(2020) Using historical source data to understand urban flood risk: a socio-hydrological modelling application at Gregório Creek, Brazil, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 65 (7), pp.1075-1083DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2020.1740705

Bhattacharya-Mis,N (2020) Big Data for flood management: Realising the benefits for developing countries EGU General Assembly 2020, Session: How to make weather and climate services more efficient in developing countries; EGU2020-ITS1.2/CL5.9-19654, Online presentation .

Lamond, J.E., Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Chan, F.K.S., Kreibich, H., Montz, B., Proverbs, D.G. and Wilkinson, S. (2019), Flood risk insurance, mitigation and commercial property valuation, Journal of Property Management, Vol. 37 (4), pp. 512-528.  

Bhattacharya-Mis, N. (2019) The point of failure or way forward to resilience: Where do we stand? Social ecological resilience to disasters: British and Brazilian Perspectives Handbook: edited by C M de M Souza; M T; M Mattedi, Y ;C Egbu, M Polette; B J Mello;B S; pg:107-110; ISBN 978-85-7172-002-2 e-book available from:

Bhattacharya-Mis,N., Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario., de Souza, Felipe.,  Clara Fava, maria., Sarmento-Buarque, Ana Carolina., Restrepo-Estrada,Camilo., Caballero, Pedro Fernando., Mohor., Guilherme S (2019) The synergistic model: A comprehensive way to understand the real cost of disasters, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vol. 21, EGU2019-12401-1 

Mendiondo, E. M., Mendes, H. C., Mis, N. B., Giuntoli, I., de Souza, F., Fava, M. C., & Sarmento-Buarque, A. C. (2018). Understanding urban risk perception and enigma of peoples' memory through social-hydrology observatories of water security under global changes.

Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Chan, F., Kreibich, H., Montz, B., Proverbs, D., Wilkinson, S. and Lamond, J. (2018) Flood risk to commercial property: Training and education needs of built environment professionalsInternational Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment. Vol. 9 (4/5), pp. 252-264

Lamond, J., Rose, C., Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and Joseph, R. (2018) Evidence review for property flood resilience phase 2 report. Project Report. Flood Re, London. Available from:

Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Lamond, J., Chan, Faith., Kreibich, Heidi., Montz, Burrel.,l Proverbs, David., Wilkinson, S., (2018) Advising on flood risk – opportunities and challenges across international commercial property markets. RICS COBRA Conference, London.

Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Lamond, J. (2017) Supply chain fragility and flood disruption: understanding the impacts of supplier and customer proximity, The 7th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM7), Leeds, UK.

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Bhattacharya-Mis, N., Joseph, R., Proverbs, D., and Lamond, J. (2015) Grass-root
preparedness against potential flood risk among residential and commercial property holders. International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment6(1), pp-44-56.

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Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and Lamond, J. (2015). Mapping community knowledge of vulnerability of value: a case study in the UK. Journal of Safety and Security Engineering. 5(3), pp- 1-14.

Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and Lamond, J. (2014) Towards an integrated framework for building resilience using flood memory in built environment. In: 2nd International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience, London, 3 - 5 November 2014. London: UCL (Received Mention award for the paper)

Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and Lamond, J. (2014) Socio-economic complexities of flood memory in building resilience: An overview of research. In: Amaratunga, D. and Haigh, R., eds. 4th International Conference on Building Resilience, Incorporating the 3rd Annual Conference of the ANDROID Disaster Resilience, Salford, United Kingdom, 9-11 September 2014., pp. 111-119.

Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and Lamond, J. (2014) An investigation of patterns of response and recovery among flood affected businesses in the UK: Case study in Sheffield and Wakefield, International Conference on Flood Recovery, Innovation and Response (FRIAR) IV, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bhattacharya-Mis, N. and J. Lamond (2014). An investigation of patterns of response and recovery among flood affected businesses in the UK: Case study in Sheffield and Wakefield. Flood Recovery Innovation and Response, Poznan, Poland, WIT Press


PhD in Disaster Management in Built Environment, University of Wolverhampton (UK)

MSc (Geo-Information Science and Environmental Modelling), Joint Masters Programme, University of Southampton (UK), University of Lund (Sweden), University of Warsaw (Poland), Twente University (Netherlands);

PG Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS, Jadavpur University, India

MSc (Geog), Banaras Hindu University, India

BSc (Geog), University of Calcutta, India

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of European Geosciences Union